Can I Use an iPhone with MetroPCS?

Metro PCS is one of the most popular Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the US. The carrier offers prepaid wireless services to its customers using T-Mobile’s network towers. T-Mobile owns it, resulting from a reversed merger that happened between the two carriers in 2013. To enjoy Metro PCS services, you require a device compatible with the carrier’s network. However, can I use an iPhone with MetroPCS? This article answers this question.

Despite being an MVNO, Metro PCS offers its customers various cell phone plans at lower prices. Do you know you can acquire a plan for your device for as low as $30 per month? Again, this carrier has a variety of phone deals for customers. The deals are pretty cheaper, especially for new customers switching to the network. Metro PCS is also much more reliable in coverage as it relies on T-Mobile, a primary network provider in the US.

You can join the Metro PCS network with your own device regardless of the phone’s model since most phone models nowadays operate well with the Metro PCS network. Also, Metro PCS offers the BYOP plan that enables this. However, you must ensure that the phone has the required aspects to work with Metro PCS. Let’s know whether you can use your iPhone with the Metro PCS network and other related facets.

Which iPhones are compatible with Metro PCS?

Metro PCS uses T-Mobile’s GSM network for operation. This means that any iPhone compatible with GSM network technology can operate well with Metro PCS. Notably, most phone companies in the current world produce phones compatible with Metro PCS’s network. Hence, if you acquire a newer version of any iPhone model, it is highly possible to operate well with Metro PCS.

However, if you are using an older model, it is advisable to check the phone’s compatibility with Metro PCS. This one mainly applies to the new customers willing to switch to Metro PCS using such a device. You only need to have the phone’s IMEI number and then visit Metro PCS’s official website (currently, it is Metro by T-Mobile). You will find an IMEI checker where you are supposed to enter the phone’s IMEI number and then confirm.

Can I use an iPhone with MetroPCS?

You can use an iPhone with a Metro PCS network. Generally, most iPhone models are compatible with Metro PCS’s Bring Your Own Phone program run-off of T-Mobile’s GSM service. However, to use any iPhone with Metro PCS, you must ensure that it is unlocked before you switch. Unlocking the iPhone means using it with any other carrier, including Metro PCS. Again, the iPhone should not be marked stolen or lost.

If your previous carrier still locks your iPhone, you must contact them and request an unlock. Your account may require to have met unlocking requirements. The request processing might take a few days to complete after submitting it. You can contact them also to check the status of your unlock request. After confirmation from the carrier that your iPhone has been unlocked:

  • Insert a Metro PCS SIM card into your iPhone and activate it. The iPhone will automatically connect to the Metro PCS network.
  • If you don’t have a SIM card to use, back up your iPhone and erase your iPhone after the backup.
  • After that, restore your iPhone from the backup you had made.

You can also unlock your iPhone from a third-party unlocking website. You have to find the most appropriate one to rely on to unlock your iPhone. After the unlock, you can now get the SIM card. A Metro PCS SIM card costs $10 in any Metro PCS store. You can use a store locator available on the Metro PCS website to locate a nearby store as per your location.

They offer a universal SIM card kit that includes a Nano SIM card, a micro SIM card adapter, and a standard SIM card adapter. You will get your SIM card activated with Metro PCS service at the store. This one applies only if your iPhone is an unlocked GSM device. Also, you can order the SIM card online like from eBay, and have it shipped to you, although at some costs.

How can you activate a Metro PCS SIM card?

You’ll need personal information, an account PIN, and the serial number of your Metro PCS SIM card to activate it. As a result, having a Metro PCS account is required. If you do not already have an account, you must create one to obtain your account’s PIN. You can activate your account online by visiting the website and following the instructions or calling customer service.

If you already have a Metro PCS account and your smartphone is a GSM unlocked device, you may insert the SIM card, and you are good to go.

What iPhone deals does Metro PCS offer?

Since Metro PCS directly supports unlocked iPhones, the carrier has several deals it offers for its iPhone customers. These deals suit those new customers who wish to purchase a new device when switching to the Metro PCS network. The devices are available on the carrier’s website, where you can visit and check them out. For iPhone lovers, the current deals at Metro PCS include:

i) Apple iPhone 13

This device is 5G enabled hence reliable connectivity. It also features a 6.1” screen and a dual 12MP camera. The iPhone costs $629.99 at Metro PCS; hence you will save $200 when you switch.

ii) Apple iPhone 13 mini

This device is 5G enabled and features a 5.4” super Retina screen, 128GB storage, and a dual 12MP camera. You can purchase it with a discount of $200 when you switch, and it costs $529.99.

iii) Apple iPhone 13 Pro max

It is a suitable device featuring a larger screen of 6.7” and is 5G enabled. The device also has 128GB storage and a pro system w/Telephoto. It is sold at Metro PCS with a discount of $200; hence you can have it for $899.99 after switching to the network.

iv) Apple iPhone 12

This device has a superfast 5G speed, a 6.1” super Retina XDR screen, and an A14 Bionic chip. It costs $529.99 as it has a discount of $200 when you switch.

v) Apple iPhone 12 mini

This device features a 12MP ultra-wide camera, A14 Bionic chip, and a 5.4” screen. It is sold at $200 off when you switch and goes for $429.99.

vi) Apple iPhone 11

This one is a much more reliable device as it is water and dust-resistant. The iPhone also features a 6.1” liquid HD screen, dual 12 MP camera, and 64GB storage. You will get it with a discount of $450 after switching as it costs $49.99.

vii) Apple iPhone SE

This one is among the best iPhone deals offered by Metro PCS as it is free when you switch. You will hence have saved $399.99 if you purchase it. The device features a 4.7” retina HD screen, 12MP + portrait mode camera, fast charging capacity, and water and dust resistance.

What Metro PCS phone plans will work with the iPhone?

Metro PCS offers quality plans for its customers, including iPhone users. Hence, after switching to the Metro PCS network with your iPhone, you can acquire one of the plans and enjoy it. They are affordable and cheap, and they include:

1) 2GB plan

This plan goes for $30/month per line, but you can have it for free if you qualify for the Metro PCS Affordable Connectivity Program. It features:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 2GB of high-speed mobile data
  • 480p video streaming quality

2) 10GB plan

It is another limited plan that costs $40/month for a single line, and you can have up to four lines which cost $130 per month. The plan includes:

  • 10GB of high-speed mobile data
  • Unlimited talk and text nationwide
  • Unlimited music

3) Basic unlimited plan

This plan involves unlimited high-speed data, and it costs $50/month for one line. You can acquire up t four lines which go for $140 per month. Additionally, the plan includes:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 5GB of mobile hotspot per line
  • 100GB Google One storage

4) Better unlimited plan

This plan costs $60/month for a single line, and you can have four lines with this plan, and they go for $120 per month. The plan involves unlimited high-speed data plus:

  • 15GB of mobile hotspot data per line.
  • Unlimited talk and text nationwide
  • 100GB Google One storage and Amazon Prime membership; extra added features.

Bottom line

Metro PCS operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the US, using T-Mobile’s network. It offers various cheap plans and quality phone deals to new and existing customers. You are only required to have a compatible phone with the network to enjoy its services. This article shows that an iPhone can work well with the Metro PCS network, provided it meets the required standards.

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