The 9 Best Deals on Cell Phone Plans 2023

In 2023 it is essential to reflect on whether you have one of the best cell phone plans. You should note that the best cellular carriers shuffle their plans so regularly the plan you signed up for some years back that appeared like a good deal at the time may not be the best option for you in 2023. Exploring the best deals on cell phone plans becomes even more critical if you’re purchasing a new device. Frequently, deals on new cell phones require you to oblige a plan for two years. Thus, you should ensure the one you’re signing on for offers a good value.

However, there’s more to choosing the best cell phone plan than just picking the cheapest option. Beyond money to be spent, you must consider which devices are supported by which cellular carriers and what network coverage and data speeds are like in the state where you’ll use your cell phone the most. It also aids in receiving a plan from the best cellular carrier so that your service comes with some robust perks.

The article will go through the plans of both significant cellular carriers and smaller discount MVNOs to have a list of the best cell phone plans for all kinds of different needs. You’ll find our best picks and some helpful advice on choosing the plan for you. Let’s roll on.

Factors to pick the best deal on a cell phone plan 

i) Price

Price is a significant factor when looking for the best deals on cell phone plans, particularly if you have more than one line for other family members. Most wireless providers offer intensifying discounts as you add more lines, so you’ll need to compare the total cost of your phone plan based on the number of lines that need service.

ii) Network coverage

You must consider who provides the best coverage in your state and whether they support the device, you’ll want to use. You can ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers about how a particular carrier’s coverage is in your area if you plan to switch cellular providers.

iii) Carrier promotions

When switching carriers, the major carriers are ready to pick up some of the costs to enable you to switch. Their promotions vary over time, so we’d recommend keeping an eye on any latest carrier deals when you’re considering a switch, as you could discover additional ways to save money.

iv) 5G services

Most service providers have spent numerous years building out their 5G coverage. If you have a suitable 5G device, you can profit faster if the wireless provider offers 5G service in your area. T-Mobile consists of 5G coverage with its Magenta Plan, and Metro by T-Mobile consumers with unlimited plans can also use its 5G towers with a compatible device.

AT&T required you to sign up for its most costly unlimited data plan options for 5G, but now any unlimited plan is eligible for coverage. Verizon comprises full 5G coverage in three of its four unlimited plans now, but the cheapest plan, Start Unlimited, does not have 5G Ultra-Wideband coverage. Both AT&T and Verizon have prolonged 5G coverage to prepaid consumers with unlimited data plans.

The 9 best deals on cell phone plans

We performed extensive research to present you with legit deals to help you determine which wireless service provider may be the best option for you. All of the below-presented options include an unlimited plan (unlimited talk and unlimited text are very common, while unlimited everything (including unlimited data) is slightly less common). Some wireless providers below offer the best cell phone deals with no contracts to their customers.

i) Consumer Cellular Plans deals

Consumer Cellular is among the best cell phone plans with top deals in the industry. Like most plans, the provider is an MVNO, and you decide whether to use the service on T-Mobile or AT&T. Plans begin at $20 per month for 250 free talk time, 250 MB worth of data, and unlimited text messages. Depending on your needs, you can customize your plan even to change the plan month-to-month.

Consumer Cellular provides a one-month money-back guarantee for any client not happy with the service. Flip phone gadgets with Consumer Cellular start as low as $30, and like other providers on MVNO, you can come with your gadget, either a smartphone or flip phone. Since the provider allows clients to get timely user alerts, keeping data is accessible.

If clients exceed their data allowance, they will be upgraded automatically without any charges. You can add $15 to include your family member and share all text, data, and talk features. Flexibility is the trademark of Consumer Cellular phone providers. They understand that clients’ needs change to can change the plan to meet that requirement with no additional costs.

ii) Verizon Plans deals

Verizon provides a broad range of unlimited, single-device, international, and shared data cell phones. Additionally, they offer the most extensive assortment of smartphones in the market. This includes tablets, smartwatches, smartphones, wearable tech, and many more. Senior citizens can save some cash on their data plans once they upgrade to the GO Unlimited 55+ plan.

However, users should note that the Go Unlimited package is available to anyone with a Michigan, Texas, Missouri, and Detroit bailing address. The cost of these plans begins at $40 per month for unlimited calls, data, and texts. The provider offers a contract on the plan, so make sure you check the specifics of the contract when making a purchase. The plan is ideal for people who need unlimited usage of many smartphones and other products.

Verizon makes the best cell phone plan for seniors since they provide various ways to plan options, accessories, and cell phones all under one roof. The provider has incredible flexibility in shared data plans and also offers excellent discounts.

iii) Xfinity Mobile plans deals

Xfinity Mobile is an excellent choice for all Comcast Cable subscribers. They offer an unlimited plan, which does reduce data speed after a 20GB limit has been reached. Xfinity Mobile currently doesn’t offer a free iPhone when you switch; however, they have some deals on cell phone plans;

  • $45/line per month
  • Flat monthly price per line
  • Standard quality resolution for video streaming
  • Unlimited is available on any Xfinity Mobile line, whether you have a phone or tablet.
  • 4G LTE data and 5G access where coverage is available
  • Personal hotspots are included at 600 kbps.
  • standard-definition LTE streaming (480p) on all devices
  • HD Pass is available for higher-quality cellular service in times with high network traffic.

iv) AT&T Plans deals

AT&T provides two models specifically designed for seniors: senior nation meant for 65-year-olds and above and the GoPhone Daily plan. The company offers the cheapest cell phone plans for seniors. The Senior Nation plan offers 200 anytime talk time, 500 weekend and night minutes, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile talk time without roaming and long-distance charges. Anything extra will be $0.45 per minute. The model is available for basic mobile phones and not tablets or smartphones.

Go Plan Daily plan allows you to subscribe to the services when using your device for data or calls. You must pay $2 daily whenever you want to use the smartphone. You won’t be charged if you don’t use the phone. AT&T will charge $29.99 per month, but the Senior Nation model is not available on their website. If you want this program, you can call, chat or visit the AT&T shop.

Some best deals on cell phones right now at AT&T include;

  • Get Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G free.
  • Save up to $800 on the iPhone13 series with eligible trade-in
  • Get iPhone 12 Mini for free with an eligible trade-in
  • Pay only $10 per month for iPhone 11
  • Get $800 off the newest Samsung Galaxy S21 5G models with an eligible trade-in.
  • Get a $250 bonus Visa rewards card when you bring your phone to AT&T

v) Republic Wireless Plan deals

Republic Wireless is one of the top non-contract cell phone companies in the space. The provider has plans that allow their customers to make calls and send messages via WIFI. If you are not near a trusted Wi-Fi spot, you can use the cellular network.

Like others on this list of the best deals on cell phone plans, Republic Wireless is an MVNO (Multiple Virtual Network Operator). The plan relies on T-Mobile and Sprit’s leading networks to offer reliable coverage. However, the company strives to provide a competitive rating for its plans.

They always offer promotions to grab the attention of new clients and keep the existing ones. For instance, when users activate a service line and transfer their phone number within 30 days, they get free service on the 1GB plan for two months.

Additionally, clients are given extra promotions of free services when they buy via the Republic wireless site. Those promotions are available several times within a year for all phones. In addition, the unlimited text and talk no-contract plan with this provider begins at $15 per month. You can add data for $5 per GB. Clients can easily add data to their plans and have a chance to use a spam call-blocking feature.

vi) Twigby Cell Phone Plan deals

Since the Twigby cell phone provider is an MVNO, the plan operates on Sprint and Verizon, offering reliable and high-quality coverage. The plan welcomes new clients with a 25% discount for the first six months of service. It comes with a standard rate of $13 per month, providing unlimited text and talk time. Additionally, you can add $6 to get 1GB worth of data. This includes discounts for every extra GB you add. Don’t worry about data usage since you will be notified when you consume 50% of your data.

Twigby live chat is accessible seven days a week, even on Sundays up to 6 pm. The plan provider organizes double referral bonus months every year; clients can get up to $20 for every referral. The best way to get some extra money is by inviting family members, friends, and relatives to Twigby.

vii) Tello Cellphone Plan deals

Tello Wireless is one of the best cell phone plans since you don’t need to pay when upgrading the plan. With this plan, seniors can access some of the leading prepaid rates in the communication industry. The carrier features 4G LTE coverage and some minutes to call Mexico, China, and Canada. You can let the plan renew automatically at the end of the month and cancel at any time without paying penalties.

Additionally, the unused talk time will roll over to the following month. The plan is designed to operate on Sprint Network. You can optimize the plan according to your needs, as the cheapest plan costs $10 per month. For $14 per month, you get unlimited text and minutes plus 1GB of data. However, this is after paying the $7 first-month subscription.

Another benefit of Tello is that it offers its clients the option to tether for free. Tethering converts a smartphone into a router or modem to connect different gadgets to the internet. This is the most excellent feature for travelers who need to stay connected.

viii) Ting Cell Phone Plan deals

Ting is one of the most excellent options designed for older adults who don’t want expensive monthly bills. While Ting doesn’t give you a set plan, it allows you to customize the plan as per your specific situation. Since there is no contract, you can cancel the plan at any time.

Additionally, the company offers free cell phones for seniors and the disabled. This might not be the best option if you want unlimited minutes, data, and texts. However, the opportunity to customize the cell phone plan is challenging to ignore, with an average monthly bill of $23.

Ting allows you to save a lot compared to the traditional contract plan. Frugal Rule readers get a $50 credit when creating an account, effectively offering you two months of free services. Ting operates on two networks: T-Mobile and Sprint, and this offers you dependable and robust coverage with the cell provider.

Ting allows you to add any amount of lines you wish, and each will operate at $6 per line. This is ideal if you intend to share the plan with your family members to share data, text, and talk. The average talk time for every month is $9 for 100-500 minutes.

For $5 a month, you will get 101-1000 texts every month, and with $10 per month, you get 101-500 MB worth of data. If you use WIFI, you should avoid buying data. Since you pay for what you intend to use, overpaying for something you don’t require will not make sense.

ix) Total Wireless plan deals

Total Wireless currently offers one ‘unlimited everything’ plan. Moreover, all of their plans include unlimited calls and texts. Below are the best deals on its most popular cell phone plans. Total Wireless currently doesn’t offer free phones; however, they have some highly discounted options.

Its Mega Plan has the following deals:

  • $50/month
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited text
  • Hotspot enabled up to 10GB/month
  • Unlimited data (First 25GB/month on 4G LTE, then 2G)

Total Wireless lets you enjoy unlimited Talk and Text with all their 30-day plans and enables you to save 5% when you enroll in Auto-Refill.

Bottom line

Nowadays, owning a phone has become a basic need for every person. They can substitute your computer, home phone, and several other gadgets. Additionally, they offer more convenience when communicating with family members to keep in touch.

The best deals on cell phone plans assist you in fitting the total cost into the budget. However, you can adjust your cell phone plan to suit your texting and talking needs with these providers. The regular promotions offered by most companies will help you save more money. 

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