Best Twigby Cell Phone Plans in 2023

Twigby is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that began in 2015 and uses Verizon’s cellular network to offer prepaid cell phone plans at low prices. The company plan structure avoids a “one-size-fits-all” approach in favor of excellent customer service, reasonable rates, and no contracts or hidden costs. We’ve compiled all of Twigby’s plan details to assist you in selecting the best Twigby cell phone plans.

Finding a cell phone plan that meets your needs can be challenging. Mega carriers don’t realize that unlimited everything isn’t appropriate for everyone’s lifestyle. Other cell phone companies charge a fee per minute, which can quickly build up if you aren’t careful. Worse, some plans run in 90- or 120-day cycles, so they could also be moon phases. The best cell phone plans below, on the other hand, are convenient if you want plans that are personalized and simple to understand.

Twigby’s plans are all prepaid, which means they’re paid in advance of utilizing the service at the beginning of the month. Plans are chosen by selecting your desired calling minutes (300, 500, or unlimited), including free unlimited worldwide texting to 180 countries and international calling to Canada, Mexico, and China. The second option is a data package with a range of 200MB to 10GB and a “Wi-Fi Only” option.

Working Procedure Of Twigby Plans

Twigby is a smarter phone service that allows you to customize your own plan. Once you switch, you may also say goodbye to those exorbitant activation fees and two-year commitments. All of this will be provided while keeping your current phone number.

You can choose how many minutes you need, with plans starting at $9 per month for 300 minutes and going up to $13 per month for unlimited minutes. Unlimited texting is included with all Twigby calling plans for free, which is one of our customers’ favorite features. Unlimited Global Texting is also included.

The next step is to choose a data plan. Twigby is distinguished by the fact that it offers a No Data plan. Many other cell phone service companies require all users to have a data package. Why should you pay for something you’re not going to use? When choosing your choice, keep in mind that sending graphic messages necessitates the use of some data. The Twigby 1 GB and 2 GB plans appear to be the most popular.

The best Twigby cell phone plans

Twigby is a one-of-a-kind mobile operator that offers a variety of pre-defined phone plans. You can choose between two phone plans: smartphone value plans and personalized ones.

1) Smartphone value plans

The most popular phone plans on Twigby are 3GB, 5GB, and 10 GB.

Plan Minutes Texts First 6 months After six months
3GB Unlimited Unlimited $10/month $10/month
5GB Unlimited Unlimited $12.5/month $25/month
10GB Unlimited Unlimited $17.5/month $35/month

Most users should be able to get by with the 3GB and 5GB data plans if they don’t need a lot of data. Its cost is far lower than that of its network, Verizon. For the first six months, the 3GB plan is only $10, then $20 per month. The 5GB package is only $12.5 for the first six months, then $25 per month after that.

The average phone user should be OK with 10GB of data each month. 10GB is sufficient if you don’t frequently stream 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) movies, play online mobile games, or utilize a mobile hotspot. Twigby’s limited data plans should be enough for most people, especially if they mostly use Wi-Fi. Keep a close eye on your data and review it periodically.

Twigby does not provide an unlimited data plan, even though the maximum monthly data plan of 10GB is reasonably priced. For the first six months, you’ll still have a low monthly mobile phone bill of $17.50. After that, your monthly rate rises to $35, making it more expensive than Mint’s unlimited data plan and comparable to Visible’s unlimited plan in terms of cost.

2) Create your own plan

Twigby allows you to customize your talk, text, and data allotment in addition to choosing from a range of preset plans if you can’t find one that meets your needs and budget.

On their “create-your-own-plan” page, you can tailor your monthly minutes and data. There are three alternatives available: 300, 500, and others. You can construct your own plan if you can’t locate one that meets your needs. Twigby allows you to choose between using data and not using data at all. Twigby’s value-priced solutions will save you a lot of money regardless of your choice.

Its full phone options include unlimited texting, and you must choose the number of talk minutes you want if you rarely use data. It offers 300 voice minutes for $4.50 per month for the first six months, then increases to $9 per month after that, or 500 minutes for $5.50 per month for the first six months, then $11 per month after that. During the first several months of your service, you get unlimited talk and text for $6.50 per month.

Twigby offers many data options for people who spend most of their time on Instagram. Twigby’s most basic plan, which includes only 200MB of data, is sufficient for most customers to check their email and send a Facebook message once in a while.

Does Twigby offer business plans?

Twigby is upending the business phone plan hierarchy with low prices and various plan options. Twigby’s business program provides businesses of all shapes and sizes with highly tailored business cell phone service. You deserve smarter, more economic mobility, whether you’re a small business trying to grow or a large corporation with hundreds of employees.

You have complete control over your account and can manage it whenever you want. Twigby understands that various businesses have varied mobile requirements. That is why they provide choices for creating personalized company plans tailored to your needs. They want to see your company succeed. Do you believe you’re overpaying for your existing business cellphone plan? Twigby can assist in reversing this trend.

 Bottom line

Even though Twigby isn’t yet a household name, there’s much to like about this MVNO. Twigby users will have access to Verizon’s great 4G LTE network and will be able to swiftly expand to 5G without having to pay hefty Verizon fees.

Furthermore, its create-your-own-phone-plan feature is useful—by choosing different minutes and low or no data, you may save a lot of money. With a data subscription, Twigby offers unlimited calls and messages to Canada, Mexico, and over 80 countries.