The Xfinity Mobile Deals for Existing Customers 2023

Xfinity Mobile is a US-based low-cost carrier operating as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), under leasing terms on the Verizon Wireless network. In addition, this MVNO provides 5G access in various US states, and it has millions of secure Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots delocalized across the country. If you search for Xfinity mobile deals for existing customers, you will get great deals on the best cell phones.

However, new and existing customers profit from Xfinity with the same capacity as the nationwide Verizon network. Whether you’re an existing customer or a new customer ready to switch, purchasing a device through Xfinity Mobile under one of their plans could reduce your phone bill in half. Instead of paying the total cost for your next device, you can compare the lowest prices available on Xfinity Mobile phones.

Under the Xfinity brand, it also offers its security service, automation, and wireless phone service. Sky Group offers entertainment networks and operates sky sports, and sky news, and produces unique content. This multi-service, it remains the sky group as one of the leading entertainment media companies. Now let’s know what Comcast deals with their existing customers.

Reasons to switch to Xfinity Mobile

i) No contracts

One of the amazing facts about Xfinity Mobile is that it doesn’t need any commitment. You can switch any time and enjoy the best cell phone deals No contract whenever you find them.

ii) Robust network coverage

Unlike other carriers, Xfinity offers broad coverage over Verizon’s network. As we speak, you will note that Verizon has one of the most extensive network coverage in the US. You will have the privilege to access the 4G network in most states of the US.

iii) Cheaper plans

With Xfinity phone plans, you can save up to $600 every year for each extra line of service.

iv) Bring your own phone

You don’t need to purchase a new phone when switching to this MVNO. With the Xfinity BYOP program, customers can come along with Xfinity mobile Compatible phones so long they are unlocked from their previous carriers.

v) Customizable plans

You can choose from a wide selection of options, such as an unlimited data plan. Thus, this option helps you not overpay for a service you don’t use.

v) Responsive customer service

The MVNO has robust customer service. You can call them at 1-800-XFINITY to talk to one of their customer service representatives for any inquiry or complaint.

The best Xfinity Mobile deals for existing customers

The following are the best deals on cell phones right now at

  • Starting at $29.16/Mon get Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G for 24 months, 0% APR
  • Get Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G at $41.66/Mon for 24 months, 0% APR
  • Get Moto G Pure at $6.24/Mon for 24 months, 0% APR
  • Grab Google Pixel 6 at $24.99/Mon for 24 months, 0% APR
  • Save up to $400 when you purchase iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Save up to $400 when you purchase iPhone 12 Mini
  • Get $100 when you bring your phone to Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Internet Deals Right Now For Subscribers

If you are looking for an ISP that has the best internet deals for its customers, Xfinity Mobile by Comcast is one of the best choices. Their best internet deals include:

  • Grab up to 200 Mbps or 400 Mbps internet service for $29.99/month for two years when you add an Xfinity line with paperless billing and automatic payment
  • Receive free expert installation on up to four channels.
  • Receive a $200 Visa card with the Gigabit plan sign-up.

With streaming app access and internet speeds, not to mention the home phone and home security services, the MVNO sugarcoats the deal on their plans with features like:

a) Multiple Levels of Service

Unlike most internet providers’ two or three internet speeds, Xfinity Mobile offers users six levels of speed.

b) Mobile Services

You can add Xfinity Mobile to your internet plan for only $40 per month for a specific line. Save more with the family plan, priced at $30/line/month for unlimited countrywide 5G data. In addition, Xfinity Mobile customers can go for a By the Gig plan starting at 1 GB for $15/month.

c) Free Cable TV

Xfinity Mobile includes Peacock TV with your internet service.

d) Home Security

Not most internet providers provide video monitoring of your home. More than a firewall to protect your personal computer from hackers, Xfinity Mobile takes your security a step extra with 24/7 video recording.

In addition to first-year and autopay discounts, all Xfinity plans exclusive of Internet Essentials currently provide a free Flex 4K streaming TV box having a Voice Remote and a free Peacock Premium subscription. If you’re conversant with the Amazon Firestick and the Apple TV remote, you’ll quickly get familiarized with the Flex Voice Remote. If you are a fan of NBC Universal, you can save up to $60/year with the deal as Peacock Premium is priced at $4.99/month.

Xfinity Mobile offers a high-speed prepaid service that provides many similar benefits as their post-paid service, Xfinity Internet. Xfinity Prepaid Internet provides up to 50 Mbps for $15/week or $45/month. The good thing is that there are no credit checks, no contracts, and hidden or extra fees. Xfinity Mobile’s 1.2 TB data cap too applies to Xfinity Prepaid Internet.

Read our article about the best deals on cell phone plans to know which wireless provider has the best deals for you.

Xfinity Bundle package deals for Existing customers

Xfinity bundle deals mean that you are receiving TV, Internet, and phone deals altogether in a single package. Some Xfinity Bundle package deals include;

1) Xfinity Choice TV Double Play Deals

Choice TV Double Play is a blend of internet and TV plans where you will receive internet speeds up to 25Mbps and stream more than ten channels. The bundle costs $60, but you can receive a discounted price of only $34.99 per month if you settle on a one-year term contract. This is a limited-time offer, and you must check availability before making a final decision.

2) Xfinity Choice TV Select Double Play Deals

Choice TV Select Double Play is a blend of internet and TV plans where you will receive internet speeds up to 100Mbps and stream more than ten channels. The bundle costs $65, but you can receive a discounted price of only $39.99 per month if you settle on a one-year term contract. This is a limited-time offer, and you must confirm availability before making a final decision.

3) Xfinity Choice TV Select Double Play + speed increase to Performance Pro+ Deals

This is a blend of internet and TV plans where you will get internet speeds up to 200Mbps and stream more than ten channels. The typical price of the bundle is $80, but you can receive a discounted price of only $54.99 per month if you settle on a one-year term contract. This is a limited-time offer, and you must check availability before buying.

4) X1 Starter Pro + Double Play + speed increase to Extreme Pro+ Deals

X1 Premier Pro + Triple Play with HBO has Internet, TV, an HBO subscription, and a phone plan that meets all family requirements. You can use unlimited devices at a time, ideally, with speeds up to 1000 Mbps, enjoy your favorite shows from more than 220 channels, and use the Unlimited Select Phone plan features.

Norton security is also a part of the plan, which can protect your browsing experience over this fast and reliable internet connection. The typical price of the bundle is $180, but you can receive a discounted price of only $159.99 per month if you settle on a one-year term contract. This is a limited-time offer, and you must check availability before making a final decision.

Xfinity Mobile communication discounts to its existing customers

Xfinity offers multiple discounts to its existing customers. While these discounts offer considerable savings, the excellent rates go to customers signing one- to two-year contracts. Some of the discounts include:

i. Xfinity Mobile

You can receive $400 off purchasing a new iPhone 13 Pro. The latest super-fast 5G iPhone includes the most extensive ever Pro camera system update, the fastest A15 Bionic chip in a robust design that offers an extensive leap in battery life. Find out if Xfinity offers you a free iPhone when you switch to their network.

ii. Xfinity Rewards

Can you earn rewards points with internet service? The MVNO allows you to get special perks and experiences just for being you. Xfinity Mobile Rewards, available through the Xfinity Mobile app, is free and easy to join. The Wireless provider offers silver, gold, platinum, and diamond levels, and the lengthier you’re an Xfinity existing customer, the more rewards you earn.

iii. First-Year Discounts

You can receive a $15-$30 monthly discount during your first year of service with a one-year contract selection.

iv. Autopay and Paperless Billing

Existing customers can receive a monthly $10 discount. The MVNO sends an email when your bill is soon due.

v) Multiple Service Discounts

Buying multiple services with the MVNO earns you a discount of up to $60 per month when you comprise Xfinity Home, Xfinity Mobile, and Xfinity Voice with the latest Spam Blocker feature.

vi) Free Television Streaming Options

Xfinity Mobile offers all existing customers a free streaming service known as Peacock TV. The podium streams via the Flex 4K Streaming Box are offered to you for free with your Xfinity service.

Xfinity also provides benefits, especially for military personnel, college students, and teachers:

  • Military Personnel gets a $100 Visa prepaid card and $25 toward purchasing or renting on-demand content or applying toward a bill credit. Note that a 90-day term agreement applies.
  • Teachers get a $100 prepaid gift card and exclusive offers on internet service. To qualify, they need to verify their professional status online.
  • Students get a $100 Visa prepaid gift card and semiannual to Amazon Music Unlimited. To qualify, they need to confirm online that they are college students. If you are bundling Xfinity internet and mobile services, you can get a $200 prepaid gift card.

How can existing customers lower their Monthly Xfinity bill

Xfinity Mobile offers affordable prices compared to other internet service providers, but you have to know how the fees operate to get the low pricing.

a) Purchase your router

The MVNO is one of the rare providers that allows you to avoid equipment rental fees by buying your own router. Once you get the freedom of not paying a monthly fee, you’re on your own if something goes erroneous with your connection.

Xfinity cannot troubleshoot any connection issues. However, paying the $14 monthly fee for using an Xfinity router ensures you receive the luxury of servicing if anything goes wrong with the router or with your connection.

b) Sign a one- or two-year contract

Contracts can make existing customers nervous. No person knows what the future has, but having a reasonable price locked in with a two-year contract could be the best way. Particularly if you’re confident about keeping your current home for the subsequent years, the long-term contract allows you to take advantage of the best pricing.

c) Avoid add-on services

If you have services that are peripheral to your internet services, like security systems such as ADT, Google Nest, or SimpliSafe, you may not require the extra Xfinity Home Security service. It’s essential to skip adding more to your plan and save some dollars.

Bottom line

Some Xfinity deals apply to new customers, but existing customers can sometimes get in one of those amazing deals by upgrading their services if you’re an existing customer looking to upgrade to one of the latest phones. Typically, these deals need you to purchase the phone, then receive 24 months of credit until the phone gets fully paid with credit.

You can contact Xfinity customer service at (1-800-934-6489) to find out if you are eligible to upgrade your current service and apply for a deal. In addition, you can subscribe to the newsletter to get all the best Xfinity mobile deals for existing customers and plans.

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