The Best US Cellular Phone Deals

US Cellular is a telecommunication provider that ranks as the fourth-largest carrier in the United States. However, it’s highly known for offering creative discounts on US cellular phone deals. Currently, you can save a chunk of money if you’re looking for a way to get a top-notch smartphone at a pocket-friendly price; this guideline has you in mind. This article has selected some of the best US Cellular deals on cell phones currently available.

Moreover, for customers planning to upgrade their own device from November 18 to December 24, you can purchase your favorite device online and receive up to $600 off on any qualifying unlimited plans. This carrier also offers the latest tech us cellular-compatible phones and accessories, such as the ultra-portable JBL Clip 4, Samsung Galaxy Buds2, and others. Besides, customers who spend not less than $120 on accessories will get a $50 bill credit.

If you want full details about US cellular discounts and promotions on cellphones, you can visit one of its retail stores or open its website. Most importantly, the US. Cellular provides good communication services and LTE coverage. This carrier is also upgrading its towers to place 4G LTE and 5G networks on the same page. If you decide to change your current carrier, you’ll find it affordable to bring your own phone plans when you switch to US Cellular.

Reasons To Choose US Cellular

The most crucial consideration when choosing unlimited plans and other cell phone adds-on is better coverage. US Cellular phones offer you good networking and broad coverage, making it easier to communicate conveniently.

Besides, US Cellular has won many awards for showing good customer service and delivering customer satisfaction. Interestingly, you can choose your best phone deals at US Cellular at a reasonable price and find the deals that match your budget. On the other hand, a number of US Cellular prepaid phones are for sale, available you can check online and receive the prepaid phone of your choice.

You can compare the prices of devices from different carriers and select the best one from an affordable carrier like US Cellular. This wireless carrier offers you a discount on various phones and provides free cellular phones by signing up using a new account with a contract.

Best US Cellular Phone Deals

Various deals on cell phones include trade-ins, buy one get one free (BOGO), and switch deals. You can check the complete list of available deals on US Cellular by visiting their website US Cellular deals. See some of the following US Cellular phone deals:

1) FREE iPhone SE

If you’re hunting for a dependable iPhone with a cheaper monthly payment plan, then this deal is for you. However, you can get the iPhone SE for free when signing up for a $15 per month data plan spread over 30 months with US cellular.

Usually, the iPhone SE retails for $399, so this year’s deal is a substantial discount compared to last year’s top phones, featuring great cameras, excellent build quality, and one of the fastest processors of 2020.

2) Get $200 Cash Back When You Bring A Phone

If you are a new customer wanting to switch to US Cellular but you don’t plan to buy a phone, there are still available US Cellular deals that get you covered. Currently, this carrier is offering a great option to save when you switch and bring your own phone.

Most importantly, you can receive $200 back in terms of bill credits when you sign up. To qualify for this deal, you must ensure your device is eligible through the IMEI number and enroll for an unlimited plan.

Afterward, US Cellular will then credit you $10 per month for 30 months, beginning within three cycles. You will require enabling autopay to stay fully eligible.

3) Save Up To $500 When You Trade-In

Trading in an old device is one of the wisest ideas for acquiring money for your next upgrade device. You can redeem hundreds of dollars on your annual cell phone bills and get the latest and greatest cell phone that companies like Samsung and Apple have on offer.

However, this isn’t the outstanding trade-in deal so far; thus, if you decide on staying with US Cellular, it’s one of the sweetest deals to watch over when it comes time to upgrade to a new device.

4) Save $700 On Nearly All Devices

Are you looking for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Or maybe the Apple iPhone 12? US Cellular enables you to get either of these devices for a segment of the original price with this deal. However, this deal is only available in select US states; hence confirm availability in your state.

To take benefit of this deal, you have to be residing in an eligible state. Plus, you must buy one of US Cellular’s smartphones for over $699 and activate it on one of their select plans. Then, the discounted price will get paid over 30 months in installments.

Before you initiate any purchase using the deal, you’ll have to submit your location to confirm that you are eligible. Currently, you can choose the Galaxy S21 Plus for only $299.70 ($700 off). The S21 Plus is one of the most fantastic premium devices on the market so getting it for the price of a budget smartphone is quite incredible.

5) Get $300 Back When You Bring A Phone

US Cellular deals have you covered if you decide to switch but don’t want to purchase a new phone. The critical move is saving money, and you can receive $300 back in the form of bill credits when you sign up with a compatible device and enroll in an unlimited plan.

However, US Cellular will reward you with $10 per month for 30 months, beginning within three cycles. You require that you enable autopay to remain fully eligible.

Wrap Up

US Cellular provides a wide variety of phone deals that customers must check and understand the terms and conditions. These discounts and promotions on cell phones apply when buying a new phone, trading in your old phone, and for new customers making a switch to US Cellular. You can always get a deal that suits you at US Cellular.