A Details Guide On TracFone Compatible Carriers

TracFone is a low-cost prepaid wireless, no-contract, and mobile phone service provider in the US. However, TracFone doesn’t have its own cell towers and is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It operates through leasing agreements with the country’s largest wireless network providers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. This article highlights what carriers are compatible with TracFone, plus other crucial information about TracFone Wireless.

Moreover, TracFone offers several no-contract prepaid plans at low prices, alongside a large selection of high-quality mobile devices from renowned cell phone brands, such as iPhones, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. When you buy TracFone compatible phones, you can enjoy strong 4G LTE nationwide coverage, and flexible, affordable plans on America’s largest and most dependable networks. On top, you don’t have to enter into a contract when switching to TracFone.

On the other hand, TracFone Wireless is a branch of Mexico’s largest telecommunications company America Movil. It avails products and services under numerous brands like TracFone, Total Wireless, NET10 Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Page Plus Cellular, Straight Talk, and Simple Mobile. Interestingly, this carrier has more than 26 million customers in the United States, ranking best as the country’s largest prepaid cell phone service.

TracFone Wireless Network Technology

TracFone provides two types of mobile devices for GSM and CDMA networks. However, you will know the difference between technologies and identifying these two in a cell phone. GSM and CDMA are abbreviations representing the two types of radio technology that cell phones and cell phone networks use to transmit voice and data.

Notably, GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications, and it’s a cell phone standard launched by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access, and it’s a cell phone standard and an access channel utilized by various radio communication technologies.

Difference Between GSM & CDMA

The significant difference between these technologies and systems is that GSM cell phones work with a SIM card to connect a particular mobile device to its network. On the other hand, CDMA cell phones don’t use a SIM card and directly link to the network. GSM is a specification of complete wireless network infrastructure, while CDMA relates only to the air interface, the radio interface of the technology.

More so, the other differences occur in terms of 2G and 3G technologies. Nowadays, 4G and 5G networks are the most usable. The most established phone companies and manufacturers tend to manufacture devices compatible with all cell phone standards and technologies such as GSM, CDMA, and LTE.

All over the globe, GSM is the more popular cell phone technology among the two technologies. However, in the US, the CDMA standard is the common technology in demand. AT&T and T-Mobile operate through GSM networks, while Verizon uses CDMA for their cell phone service. The TracFone devices that use AT&T and T-Mobile’s network adopt the GSM technology, and cell phones on Verizon’s network run on CDMA technology.

List Of TracFone Compatible Carriers

1) Total Wireless

Total Wireless is one of the brands by TracFone Wireless, the US largest no-contract cell phone provider with over 26 million subscribers. Total Wireless began in 2015, and its coverage is exclusively through Verizon’s network towers. Total Wireless offers various phones starting from a low range up to a high range. However, if you buy a plan on their website, the prices get advertised with an auto-refill discount.

  • Notably, all Total Wireless phone plans pack the same set of essential features that include.
  • Unlimited Talk, Text, and Unlimited 2G data
  • VoLTE/H.D. Voice calling/WiFi calling
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Mobile Hotspot – All plans except the $25 plan can get utilized as a hotspot
  • Reduced pricing on a subscription
  • Surfie – parental control app availed for free with all family share plans. The app is found in both the iOS and Android app stores.
  • Customer Rewards/Refer A Friend Program
  • Mobile app available to manage your account on iOS and Android

2) Page Plus

Page Plus functions as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) under Tracfone and a no-contract wireless provider with nationwide coverage. Besides, it runs on the largest network in the United States, Verizon Wireless. Page Plus is ranked the best among wireless providers for flexible plans, low rates, and exceptional customer service.

Page Plus has four monthly plans and four pay-as-you-go plans with 4G or 3G coverage options to keep costs low. The plans start as low as $12 for monthly plans and $10 for pay-as-you-go plans. Besides, customers can also opt for add-on services for plans that include additional data and global calling. The add-ons assist you in customizing your ideal service with much lower costs than the Big contract networks. The features packs;

  • Plans start at $10 per month for 100MB of data with auto-refill
  • No discounts for including multiple phone lines
  • Operates using Verizon Wireless network — the best coverage in the US.
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data, Talk, and Text for $50 per month with auto-refill

3) Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile is one of the mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), meaning that it leases network space rather than using its own cellular towers. With Simple Mobile, you’ll get coverage from the T-Mobile network with up to 5G data speeds.  Simple Mobile avails prepaid plans, meaning you pay at the start of each month to receive a given amount of data or unlimited data.

Besides, Simple Mobile offers one of the easiest ways to acquire cellular coverage and mobile phones without contracts. Simple Mobile allows you to choose from cost-effective options that range as low as $20 per month if you’re hunting for basic cellular coverage alongside data plans. This carrier packs the following:

  • 30-day prepaid plans begin as low as $25 per month
  • Keep your own device for just $0.99
  • Enjoy discounts for an additional line
  • Choose from two types of unlimited data plans with varying hotspot access.

4) Net10

Net10 is one of the numerous prepaid brands owned by TracFone, and it features some fantastic perks for new subscribers. Apart from the affordable rates, you can enjoy reliable nationwide 4G LTE coverage on the nation’s large networks. Besides, there are no hidden fees, no contracts, and no added costs.

However, when you sign up for and then purchase a new Net10 phone or keep your current one. Net10 has all the latest models, and you can often land a great deal if you buy a phone with a plan. On the other hand, Net10 offers the flexibility to maintain your phone number or request a new one.

Generally, Net10 is a better option if you’re after a prepaid phone plan, but don’t mind having the fastest speeds.

  • Nationwide 4G LTE coverage on all four major networks
  • Plans start at $20 per month for 2 GB of data
  • A variety of plans is available for every budget, with a wide range of speeds
  • It doesn’t offer many deals on a new phone

5) Straight Talk

Straight Talk has it simple with prepaid monthly, no-contract service. This wireless carrier gets supported by TracFone Wireless, and its services get widely sold at Walmart. Straight Talk operates on all the prominent carriers’ towers and delivers the same reliable coverage consumers demand. Using the already-built towers, this carrier helps you save on overhead costs and offer you service at a much lower rate. However:

  • You have numerous options for monthly, no-contract plans, meaning more freedom with cheaper plans.
  • Unlimited Talk, text, and data plans are $55.
  • You can extend plans to three-month, six-month, or annual terms for even more savings.
  • No added perks, like Hulu or Disney Plus, are included with plans
  • Limited 5G availability, with some customers, bumped down to 2G coverage, depending on the plan
  • Cellphones are discounted but typically come in older models

Wrap Up

If you want a carrier that offers nationwide coverage and the speed you need, you can switch to TracFone and choose any of the above affiliate brands that suit your needs. This carrier gives you the flexibility you ever wished for as it doesn’t involve any contract, and you can enjoy cellular services from any of your favorite primary wireless carriers.

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