What Phones Are Compatible With StandUp Wireless

Phones have evolved into a crucial part of our lives. We use them to communicate, keep track of appointments, and get the information we need. But when we carry our phones everywhere, the cords can get in the way and make us uncomfortable. Standup wireless is a great way to keep your Best phone without the bulk of a cable if you decide to cut the cord. Luckily, most modern phones are compatible with StandUp Wireless.

Furthermore, Standup Wireless is a telecommunication company in the United States of America that participates in the USA Lifeline Program. The program aims to provide needy Americans with free phones and affordable mobile plans. The company requires the beneficiaries to have standup wireless-compatible phones. You can bring your own phone or get a new phone from their retail shops in different states.

However, the qualifying family entering Lifeline with StandUp Wireless will get free talk, text, and data. You are automatically eligible for the new Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP if you are eligible for Lifeline. Besides, your online Lifeline application will able you to involve in both programs automatically and assure that you maximize your benefit.

What about standup wireless?

StandUp Wireless is one of the great telecommunication service providers under the management of the Global Connection Inc. of America. StandUp Wireless is a prepaid wireless company also offering federal Lifeline services to low-income Americans who qualify through programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing, SSI, and Veterans Pension or based on household income.

Clients can sign up with their existing phone and keep their current number. The company’s mission is to support communities connected by providing wireless access to those who need it most.

With operations offices in Newport, KY, StandUp Wireless offers an easy-to-use online portal for enrollment and SIM kits that ship to customers in a matter of days to get connected to the people and services they need quickly. 

Why Choose Standup Wireless Compatible Phones?

There are several reasons why a consumer might choose to switch from their current phone to a StandUp Wireless compatible model. One reason is safety; since our lives are more and more digital, people need to be able to access critical services when they are needed the most.

Although many people can stay connected with a portable device such as a smartphone, it is good to have a backup scheme just in case. They have a stand-alone device that does not rely on a cellular signal for connectivity and provides freedom and flexibility.

Suppose a person encounters an emergency where a cellular signal is unavailable. In that case, they will still be able to communicate via text, voice call, or data without an internet connection.

Since StandUp Wireless is an MVNO, compatible phones must use their service. Customers can choose from over 350 phones to use with their service, including current and past models from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

The best part about using a compatible phone with StandUp Wireless is that customers keep their existing number when they switch to the company. This means they can still keep their friends and family easily connected through their current number.

How do I Qualify for StandUp Wireless Lifeline?

If you are already participating in a government-sponsored program, you automatically qualify for a free government phone from the Lifeline Program. The members who have already enrolled in any of the following programs qualify:

  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF)
  • Head Start
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR).

Alternatively, if you are not a participant in any of the above government programs, you must prove that your income lies at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Standards. For example, if you are a mere family member and would like to receive lifeline benefits, you will have to prove you abide home less than $12,760 yearly.

Every extra member in your household pushes your limit to $4,480. The more household members, the easier it is to qualify for a free government cell phone and subsidized cell phone plan.

How to Enroll in StandUp Wireless Service?

Activating the service and purchasing the service plan are two separate steps. Starting the service means that your phone will connect to the network and register itself with the service provider. You’ll need to log into the service provider’s website or app and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the activation.

After activating the service, you’ll need to purchase a plan. The longer your service is scheduled to run, the higher the monthly cost. So, it’s a good idea to buy a program that will let you use the service for as long as possible.

How Do I Check My Phone’s Compatibility With Standup Wireless?

Most wireless carriers offer some compatibility checker on their websites. Some will even let you test your phone’s wireless capabilities in real time. Otherwise, you can usually find this information on your phone’s packaging or by searching for “wireless capabilities” on your phone’s operating system. Fortunately, it is more flexible to check compatibility:

  • On the following page, you will dig out a prompt box where you require to enter your phone’s IMEI number. If you need some assistance locating your device’s IME number, you can follow the on-site instructions.
  • You can perform it online through the Standup Wireless official website. You will determine the ‘Check Phone’ button in the chief section, then click it.
  • Immediately have the IMEI f-number prepared, input it, ascertain the ‘I am not a robot option and press the ‘Check Device’ to check if your device is compatible.

How Can I Bring My Existing Cell Phone Number with StandUp Wireless?

When you shift to StandUp Wireless, your phone is not the only thing you bring along. You can get your number too, so it’s flexible to stay connected to your friends, family, and important contacts. Follow these steps one by one and give us a call!

1st Step

Before your phone number port is complete with StandUp Wireless, you must keep your account with the old carrier active.

2nd Step

When you get a call from customer care, you have to prepare to Have your account number and PIN or password. 

3rd Step

You Call 1-800-544-4441 or 611 from your StandUp phone and ask the customer care agent to port your contact number to start the process.

4th Step

Wait for the time frame given by your StandUp Wireless agent, and then restart your phone. Try to create and acquire a phone call. You should be good to go! Give them a call if you run into a problem.

What Are The Standup Wireless Compatible Phones Replacement Terms?

If you are to bring your own phone and use it with Standup Wireless service, they have no involvement with that device. Of course, you can request and attain a free replacement SIM card if you lose that device or get stolen with the SIM card inside.

On the contrary, if you take a device from Standup Wireless, you are eligible for replacement as long as the warranty covers the phone and its issue. Keep in mind that any damage inflicted by a user, lost, or stolen device is not covered by the warranty. If you require a replacement SIM card kit or phone, call Standup Wireless support immediately at 1-800-544-4441.

Bring your own phone with StandUp wireless Compatible Plans

StandUp Wireless offers to Bring Your Own Device service, which lets you keep your own compatible phone that you already have and love. Most unlocked GSM 4G LTE/5G handsets work on our network, so use the tools below to ensure your phone works with our service.

It only takes a few minutes. NOTE: The Compatibility check does not indicate if your phone is unlocked. If your handset is locked, contact the company that sold you the phone for instructions to unlock the handset.

Moreover, Standup Wireless is among the smallest Lifeline companies in the US, even though it has worked hard to provide its customers with quality services and affordable mobile plans. The mobile company allows one to bring your phone plans so that you can enjoy the benefits it offers.

To enjoy these services, you need to ensure that your mobile phone is compatible with Standup Wireless to avoid any inconveniences. You can get your phone to the nearest Standup Wireless store, or you can visit their website so that you can be attended to thoroughly. You get to enjoy affordable mobile plans, but you also get to save money that you would have to spend on a new phone.

Besides, StandUp Wireless makes the BYOP process super straightforward. First, you need to check whether your current device is compatible with their network, as described below. You can choose the plan you like and decide whether you want to keep your number. By finishing the Total Wireless BYOP process online, you will order a new Total Wireless SIM card to deliver to your address in a few days.

What Are StandUp Wireless bring your own phone Benefits?

At StandUp Wireless service provider, our Tricut SIM card is the key to opening our reliable 5G service. Available in various sizes, all in a convenient unit, our SIM card goes into any compatible cell phone you already have.

Where it brings you nationwide long-distance and all the other benefits of StandUp Wireless service. Bringing your own cell phone to have in standUp Wireless provides several benefits that include;

  • For use incompatible GSM, 4G LTE, and VoLTE capable devices
  • The Triscuit design delivers Standard, Micro, and Nano size cards to fit your device perfectly.
  • Nationwide Long Distance
  • Easy No-Fuss Installation
  • Requirement for StandUp Wireless Service
  • You are officially tested and approved by StandUp Wireless.

StandUp Wireless SIM Card Activation?

After getting a sim card from StandUp Wireless, you will get a straightforward way to activate your sim card so follow the below instruction to activate your sim card,

  • If you purchased a phone from StandUp Wireless, they install the SIM card before shipping it to you; just power on your phone and call 611 to activate your service.
  • If you have a phone and they only sent you a SIM card, then insert the SIM card into your phone, power your phone on, and call 611 to activate your service.

Try out your phone and make sure you can make and receive calls and text messages. Also, make sure you can surf the web on your phone. If you have issues, you may need to program their APN settings on your phone.

Standup Wireless Compatible Phone List

Given the Standup Wireless BYOP option, they have a rather extensive list of phones compatible with their network. These are the three cases that generally cover all various possibilities:

StandUp Wireless is a GSM Carrier, so you need a GSM phone. Phones that come from AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM phones.

  • 2G: 1900 MHz
  • 3G: 1700 MHz, 1900MHz, 2100 MHz
  • 4G (LTE): 700 MHz, (bands 12 and 66), 1700 MHz (band 4), 1900 MHz (band 2), 2100 MHz (band 4), 600 MHz (band 71)
  • Some LTE/Global Phones from Sprint and Verizon will work.

You must have an Unlocked phone. If your phone was advertised as unlocked when you bought it, then it should be fine. However, if you aren’t sure if your phone is locked, here is how you can check:

  • Make a call using the current SIM card if possible. This is to check that the cell phone is working correctly.
  • Log off the phone and remove the SIM card and look in the manual or online if you don’t confirm how to accomplish this, and if you need a SIM card removal tool, a paperclip works fine.
  • Put the new/different SIM card in the phone and power it back on.
  • If you don’t see this, check it, and it says you have service if you used a valid SIM card. If you do, your device is probably unlocked. Try making another phone call.
  • If you are welcomed with a dialog box telling you to enter an unlock passcode, your phone is SIM locked to the carrier it was originally purchased from.

If your self phone is locked, you will need to call the carrier or manufacturer where your phone came from to unlock the device. Once opened, it should be good to use on Standup Wireless.

What Phones are Compatible with StandUp Wireless Network

Standup Wireless works on GSM or Global service module wireless technology, and their service is also generated on most GSM cell phones. To be evaluated, if you do not have a cell phone with Band 12 (700 MHz), you will not profit from StandUp Wireless Extended Range LTE.

For more information on what cellular network standup wireless utilizes you can dig out the StandUp Wireless web or the Coverage Map to understand what types of coverage you expect where you live.

However, having strong cell phone reception is necessary whether you are switching carriers, migrating across the country, or switching to the other side of the town.

The question is not about which carrier has the best network coverage but where to find the closest cell tower to get the best coverage in your region. Fortuitously, an individual carrier’s coverage is a helpful tool to dig out the best cell phone coverage.

How do I add data to stand-up wireless?

There has a smooth bundle and process so you can easily set up your data and other benefits; as a result, You can add minutes or data to your account by visiting the website, using the app, or calling 611 from your Standup Wireless. Top Up for as little as $5 using a VISA, Discover, Mastercard, or VISA Prepaid gift card.

Which States can I get Standup Wireless Services?

Standup Wireless operates in Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Georgia, Arizona, Carolina, Minnesota, Utah, West Virginia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Iowa, and Pennsylvania.

Bottom line

Generally, reports indicate that only mobile phones compatible with complete wireless services are provided and purchased at standup wireless. These phones are the only ones compatible with total Wireless sim cards and services.

The introduction of the Lifeline program has seen many people benefit a lot. Poor Americans can enjoy internet browsing, calling, and sending messages, just like other citizens. Again, having phones open to all networks is good since it gives you the freedom to use any carrier’s service. Therefore, you should know why you chose wireless services phones, as this article highlights the benefits.

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