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Metro PCS is one of the prepaid wireless service providers in the United States. It has been owned by T-Mobile, a primary network provider in the US, since 2013. Its name changed in 2018, following the T-Mobile merger, and it is currently known as Metro by T-Mobile. However, this arrangement makes old phones fail to be compatible with the new band. Due to this, it is necessary to perform a Metro PCS phone upgrade to continue enjoying the carrier’s services.

Most carriers in the US provide a phone upgrade as a service. Some, such as free government phone carriers, provide the services at no charge, while others charge a nominal price. However, the good news is that your new phone will provide you with more fantastic services, and you will not be disappointed. Notably, most people nowadays are undertaking their day-to-day activities using phones. The phones need to be at par with the current technology and features to serve you properly.

MetroPCS phone upgrade process is straightforward, but you should perform it with caution. You need to check the most appropriate program before upgrading. You can get additional features among the Metro PCS phone plans that are cheaper and affordable. The best part is that Metro offers a wide choice of economical and high-quality compatible phones, ranging from mid-range to premium models for the upgrade. This article guides you more about the carrier’s phone upgrade program.

The benefits of upgrading your phone

i) Enhanced features

If you enjoy your smartphone, updated features are a real treat. If you update, you may gain access to more feature-rich applications, increased functionality, and faster response times. These elements, when combined, can boost productivity, facilitate cooperation and communication, and even broaden the range of ways you might use your phone to make life and work easier.

ii) Newer software

A newly upgraded phone brings about serious software upgrades. It is now more important to use the most up-to-date devices since older software is rapidly becoming obsolete. Additionally, older operating systems can expose your device to security risks, mainly if the manufacturer stops providing updates for your device.

iii) Elimination of hidden costs

The faster performance and longer battery life can help you be more productive despite the cost. You will now work smarter rather than harder, considering the longer battery life and enhanced security of an upgraded phone.

Ways to sign up for Metro PCS and get a phone upgrade

Joining Metro PCS is relatively easy for any interested customer provided that you are well conversant with the carrier’s terms and conditions. However, to acquire a Metro PCS phone upgrade, you must be an existing customer. Therefore, you need to switch to the carrier’s network. If you wish to be a Metro PCS member, you can:

1) Go to the nearest Metro PCS store

New customers can sign up at any of the company’s phone locations across the country. Metro PCS’s store locator makes it simple to locate a store near you. You can consult with a Metro employee in the store for assistance with creating an account, selecting a plan, and activating your phone on a new service line.

2) Call Metro PCS customer support

Another option for becoming a Metro PCS client is to contact customer service. The support staff at customer care will assist you with any questions you may have, including the available cell phones, costs in your area, the registration procedure, and phone activation, among other aspects.

3) Visit the Metro PCS website

Go to their website and see the sign-in prompt. Due to the merger, the carrier’s current website is ‘Metro by T-Mobile.’ You can follow the on-screen guidelines for creating an account. The procedure is straightforward and should take less than 10 minutes. After that, you will be required to select a cell phone plan.

These three ways will assist you in obtaining information on Metro pcs smartphones, mobile phone plans, and their associated costs. You can, after that, purchase and activate a Metro PCS phone on your preferred plan. This one automatically qualifies you for a phone upgrade every three months after activating your device.

Metro PCS cell phone plans

After account creation, you can opt for any carrier’s prepaid phone plans, which are affordable and have no contracts. They include:

a) Individual prepaid plan

Metro PCS’s individual plan is the most suitable option for the best affordable phone plans that provide limitless everything. Aside from the fact that these are no-contract plans, there will never be any unpleasant surprises in hidden costs or fees. There are four categories for this plan which all include:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • High-speed data
  • Wi-Fi calling for enabled devices
  • Access to 5G network

The categories are:

  • $30/month plan, which comes with 5GB of mobile data
  • $40/month plan, which includes 10GB of high-speed data
  • $50/month plan, which has unlimited mobile data with 5GB of hotspot data
  • $60/month plan, which has unlimited high-speed data and 15GB of hotspot data

b) Family plan

A family plan is best if you want to have between two and five lines. This plan’s prices are:

  • $40 for the 6GB individual plan stated above, including its basics.
  • A discount of $15 for each line you add
  • $60 for the unlimited everything plan, including a 30 price cut for each additional line.

Metro PCS phone upgrade deals

As stated earlier, Metro PCS is currently owned by T-Mobile, which uses GSM technology for its services. Hence if your device is compatible with the GSM network, you can go for the upgrade. Other phones using the CDMA network may be a headache when doing the Metro PCS phone upgrade. The primary phone companies with Metro PCS-compatible phones include:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • ZTE

How does the Metro PCS phone upgrade work

Metro PCS offers a straightforward method for new and existing users to upgrade their phones. When you buy a phone from MetroPCS, you are instantly eligible for a deal to upgrade it, which will be after every three months of activating the upgraded phone. Remember, you can upgrade your device up to four times a year. It can be achieved via the online application, mainly preferred, or the Metro application.

For a Metro PCS phone upgrade, you have to consider that:

  • Phone upgrades can be done if you’ve been an existing subscriber for at least 90 days.
  • A $25 activation fee is needed.
  • You must have acquired a Metro PCS phone plan, and it must be active at the time of your upgrade request.
  • You should purchase your device from Metro PCS retail or online store.

As a result, upgrading your phone has numerous advantages explained earlier. Join and ensure that you submit accurate information about yourself to avoid any problems that may result in you being denied a phone upgrade.

How long does a Metro PCS phone upgrade take

It takes less than a day to upgrade your phone. It largely depends on whether you purchase it using the online store or the retail store. The procedure is faster if you use the online option since Metro PCS provides one-day shipping, which you can activate on the carrier’s website. Those who prefer paper documents may find that the process takes nearly a full day to complete. Go to their website and apply.

Can you qualify for a Metro PCS phone upgrade if you bring your own phone?

As other wireless service providers do, Metro PCS allows their customers to bring their own devices to the network. That implies you can trade in your device for a new one for a lower price. For non-Metro PCS customers upgrading to the network, it is vital to have wireless number portability. This one allows you to keep your distant phone number when joining Metro PCS.

If you wish otherwise to acquire a new device, the carrier has various Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers, which you can check out. For the BYOP option, your phone should be:

  • Unlocked in that it should be bound to any particular carrier.
  • Compatible with GSM technology.

Can you get a free phone upgrade with Metro PCS?

Upgrading your device with Metro PCS is not free as you will provide some money. Unlike T-Mobile, the carrier is not a free government phone service provider. In support, Metro PCS recently released a promotional update that included a $150 discount on phones. This one helps you achieve your device’s upgrade faster.

Bottom line

Metro PCS (currently known as Metro by T-Mobile) is a prepaid wireless service provider in the US. After the merger, where it became wholly owned by T-Mobile, old phones failed to work well with the new service. This one necessitates a phone upgrade for any Metro PCS customer. The process is simple if you meet the eligibility requirements.

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