Is TracFone Compatible with Qlink Wireless Phone

Qlink Wireless is a popular Mobile Virtual Network operator in the United States. It is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the country. The MVNO is known to offer free wireless services to the residents who are eligible for the Lifeline program. It also provides prepaid phone services like wireless voice, texting, and data services under the Hello Mobile brand. However, despite the US having many network carriers, is TracFone compatible with Qlink Wireless? This question is answered below.

Qlink has broad coverage in the US as it serves over 97% of its population. It avails its services even to rural areas. In addition to the wireless services, the carrier also offers high-quality mobile phones and tablets to their customers at reasonable prices. The carrier also allows you to bring your own phone when switching to its network. You can also use your current number when crossing over to Qlink’s network.

TracFone Wireless, on the other hand, also operates as an MVNO. This carrier also participates in the lifeline program and offers similar services as Qlink to the residents. You might ask yourself whether you are compatible with Qlink Wireless services if you are a subscriber of TracFone. This one primarily relates to the network towers used by the two MVNOs. This article answers this question and explains more about the Qlink Wireless network.

Qlink Wireless operating process

You might want to know what network Qlink Wireless use in its operation. As stated earlier, this carrier is an MVNO, which means it does not have its own network towers and hence uses the network infrastructure of another existing provider. Formerly, Qlink Wireless was operating using Sprint’s towers. However, in April 2020, Sprint merged with T-Mobile to bring the best services and 4G LTE and 5G coverage to their customers.

Currently, Qlink operates using the T-Mobile network. Notably, T-Mobile is one of the largest providers in the US. This one is advantageous as the Qlink Wireless customers receive the same coverage availed by T-Mobile. They can enjoy the 4G LTE and 5G networks provided they have compatible devices with the Qlink Wireless network. Additionally, Qlink also works well using CDMA technology.

Does Qlink Wireless use GSM or CDMA?

Sprint previously relied on the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) radio receiver network technology, whereas T-Mobile relies on GSM (Global System for Mobiles) technology. As a result, Q Link Wireless supports both GSM and CDMA devices; therefore, if your phone can operate well with any of the technologies, it can work well with Qlink Wireless Network.

Q Link Wireless offers current smartphones with the latest technology, and many of them support both GSM and CDMA network standards and the LTE network. Most modern telephone models are built to work with these network standards. However, it depends on the model, and this is something you should examine before buying a phone, whether you buy one at Q Link or bring your current one, just as the network standard supported influences whether you can use it.

Is TracFone compatible with Qlink Wireless?

Since TracFone Wireless runs as an MVNO, like Qlink Wireless, it must rely on another existing provider. Interestingly, TracFone uses the bandwidth of all the major networks in the US. These are AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Notably, TracFone and Qlink share a standard primary network provider, T-Mobile, offering their services using the GSM network technology. Again, AT&T uses GSM technology too, which indicates that TracFone is compatible with Qlink Wireless.

If you are a TracFone subscriber and intend to switch to Qlink, it is good to note that all TracFone-compatible phones are compatible with Qlink’s network. Verizon, on the other hand, uses CDMA technology. As indicated earlier, Qlink used to operate under this technology with Sprint before the merger with T-Mobile. Again, this shows that any TracFone device using Verizon’s CDMA network can also work well under the Qlink wireless network.

Additionally, any other carrier using these network technologies is compatible with Qlink Wireless.

Is Qlink Wireless a reliable network carrier

The most extensive and reliable wireless networks in the United States, as stated above, are provided by Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. They have their cell phone towers dispersed across numerous states countrywide, and they use cutting-edge technology to provide their services.

Qlink uses one of these major networks, T-Mobile; hence, it is reliable. Furthermore, the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint in 2020 has created extensive, fast, and authentic nationwide coverage, from which Qlink Wireless customers benefit.

Qlink’s coverage area is vast, reaching over 280 million people. To see if it is available in your area, you can apply online or visit Qlink’s official website and check the coverage map. Additionally, you can find your area’s coverage by entering the exact ZIP code and address on the website.

How can you join the Qlink Wireless network?

When switching to these carriers, you can decide to bring your own phone (BYOP) or purchase a new device. Notably, the carrier has a variety of Qlink-compatible phones in their online store, which you should consider when purchasing a new one. However, if you opt to bring your device to this carrier, you should consider the following guidelines:

i) Check if the phone is unlocked and compatible

Enter the IMEI number on their website at the IMEI checker. This 15-digit number can be found on the device packaging or by dialing *#06# when your phone is on. Also, you can get it at the back of your phone’s battery. The phone should be unlocked in that it should not be bound to any specific carrier. If it is still locked, you can liaise with your previous provider for the unlocking process.

ii) Perform a network reset

it is necessary to do the reset to delete former network configurations from your iPhones and Android devices. It is a quick method as it takes a few minutes.

iii) Acquire a SIM card

Contact Qlink for a SIM card if your device qualifies for the link SIM card. Turn off your phone, remove your old SIM card, and insert the new one once you receive it.

iv) Activate your phone

You must activate the gadget when you have completed the setup. You can activate your account on Qlink’s website or visit their retail store. You’ll receive your cellphone number as soon as the activation is completed. Additionally, if you are porting across your current number, you need to log into your account and follow the process, which takes about 2 hours to complete.

Qlink wireless compatible phones

For your phone to be compatible with Qlink Wireless, it must be able to accept Qlink’s SIM card and connect to its network. Hence it should allow the user to enjoy Qlink’s plans and other services. Any phone that uses T-Mobile’s GSM technology is compatible with Qlink’s network. All phones purchased from Qlink’s stores are automatically compatible with the network. The phones have the latest standards and range from iPhones to Android devices.

Qlink Wireless is a lifeline provider, which indicates they offer free phones to all eligible US residents. The phones acquired via this federally funded government program are compatible with the network. You need to ensure you meet the eligibility qualifications required to acquire one of the free government phones.

One of the essential qualifications is if you already participate in government benefit programs like SNAP and Medicaid, among others, and be from a low-income household.

Best ways to upgrade a Qlink Wireless compatible phone

Every user wants to keep up to date on the latest features when it comes to mobile devices. Whether you’re an existing or new Qlink wireless client, upgrading shouldn’t be an issue. If you sign up for Lifeline’s free phone program, you will be provided with an essential phone based on what is available at that moment.

To upgrade your device, you can reach Qlink customer care via their email and be served at a minimum cost. In case you are a new customer, you will qualify for the upgrade 90 days after purchasing the phone. Qlink phone upgrade comes with free wireless services to its users even if they are not eligible for the Lifeline program.

The benefits of using the Qlink Wireless network

As a Qlink customer, you can enjoy such benefits like:

  • Affordable plans
  • Reliable and stable nationwide 4G LTE and 5G networks
  • Latest and quality phones in their stores
  • No contracts, no credit checks, and surcharges.
  • Quality customer care services
  • Free phones for lifeline-eligible individuals

Bottom line

Qlink Wireless is among the popular MVNOs in the US. It offers quality services but is mainly known for participating in the Lifeline program, offering free phones and wireless services to eligible customers. The carrier operates using T-Mobile’s GSM network technology. Among the carriers using this technology is TracFone Wireless which means that TracFone is compatible with Qlink Wireless. Any TracFone-compatible device is compatible with Qlink Wireless.

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