Best Ways To Get A Free Phones When You Switch to MetroPcs

Metro PCS is one of the prepaid wireless service providers in the United States owned by T-Mobile. T-Mobile owned this carrier due to a reversed merger for Metro PCS, and the deal was closed in 2013. Currently, it is known as Metro by T-Mobile. The carrier offers its customers cheap phone services like unlimited plans and other deals. However, do you want to know whether you can get a free phones when you switch to MetroPCS?

Operating using T-Mobile network towers, Metro PCS customers are assured of broad network coverage across the US. Notably, T-Mobile is among the leading network providers in the country. Again, Metro PCS helps its new customers to save on the cost of purchasing a new phone when joining the network. This is since it offers several 5G phones when you switch and allows you to bring your own phone. This deal has attracted more customers to the network.

Metro PCS also has plans for low-income households and individuals as it participates in the Affordable connectivity program. However, to enjoy the carrier’s services, you require a phone compatible with the Metro PCS network. Notably, this carrier has several phone deals on its website, including quality iPhones and Android devices. This article will answer if you get a free phone when you join the Metro PCS network, among other related aspects.

Best Ways To switch to Metro PCS

Joining the Metro PCS network is relatively easy for any interested resident. As stated above, you can switch from another network to Metro PCS with your current phone or decide to buy a new one. However, most people choose to bring their devices when switching to evade the cost of buying a new one. If you decide this way, there are requirements that your phone needs to meet. There are:

i) The phone must be compatible

It should work well when using Metro PCS network services. You can confirm this using the device’s IMEI number by entering it at the IMEI checker available on the carrier’s website.

ii) Your phone must be an unlocked GSM phone

As T-Mobile used the GSM network technology, you must ensure that the phone is GSM compatible and is unlocked. To be unlocked means that the phone should not be tied to any specific carrier. Notably, any GSM network device is preferably compatible with Metro PCS.

If your device meets the above requirements, you can purchase a Metro PCS SIM card from a nearby Metro PCS store for $10 or order it online, and in both cases, you will receive a 3-in-1 card. After that, you can select the various phone plans offered by the carrier and then activate the SIM card with your device. You can either call customer care at 888-863-8798 or use the online activation tool from the website.

On the other hand, if you opt to buy a new one, it is advisable to check among the various phone deals for existing and new customers available on the carrier’s website. You will get quality phones that will help you enjoy the carrier’s services fully.

The flexible ways to get a free phones when you switch to MetroPCS

free phones when you switch to MetroPCS

It is clear from the Metro PCS website (now Metro by T-Mobile) that this carrier offers free phones when you switch to the network. This deal attracts several new customers as it helps them enjoy free 5G phones and save on buying a new phone if they wish to acquire new devices. The free phones offered are quality Android devices. However, you need to activate either the $40/month plan or the $60/month plan after switching to Metro PCS.

Each of the two plans has a variety of phones that you will get when you acquire the particular plan and port a qualifying number. The criteria behind this are that you get an instant rebate worth the total price of the phone. Although they are limited-time offers, you will get the phone for free. The free 5G phones are:

1) When you activate the $40/month plan

  • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G, where you will save $258.00
  • Motorola Moto G Stylus, where you will save $252.99
  • OnePlus Nord 200, where you will save $229.99
  • Nokia X100, where you save $252.00

2) When you activate the $60/month plan

  • TCL 30 XE, where you will save $199.99
  • REVVL V+ where you will save $199.99

Can you upgrade your phone with Metro PCS?

You may have acquired a free phone or purchased a new one when joining Metro PCS. However, you may feel that the device does not satisfy your expectations. You can easily have the Metro PCS phone upgrade and enjoy better features like better internet connectivity and newer software. Remember that when you purchase a phone from MetroPCS, you are automatically eligible for a discount to upgrade it after three months of activating the upgraded phone.

Metro PCS phone deals for their customer

Apart from the free phones, Metro PCS has other current deals that you can check out and enjoy. These deals will majorly help you to on saving. They include:

  • Apple iPhone 13 in-store offers a discount of $300 where you are required to trade your old phone and purchase a new Metro PCS phone plan. You can also get the same device at $200 off by switching to the network.
  • Apple iPhone 11 at $450 off.
  • Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini at $200 off.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE at $260 off.
  • Samsung Galaxy A53 at $420 off.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE at $500 off.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 lite at $150 off.
  • Motorola One 5G ace at $260 off.
  • OnePlus Nord N10 at $260 off.
  • Unlimited plan for $40/month for new customers.
  • Free stuff and great perks via the T-Mobile Tuesday app.

Metro PCS plans cost

Metro PCS has two data-capped plans and two unlimited plans, starting at $30 a month for a single line with 2 GB of data. The price jumps from $10 per month for the cheapest plan (10 GB, unlimited with 5 GB hotspot, and unlimited with 15 GB hotspot) to $60 per month for the most expensive plan.

There are no extra services available on the 2GB data plan. Still, upgrading to the 10 GB plan unlocks “Music Unlimited,” allowing you to stream from over 40 music services without using your monthly data. The basic unlimited plan includes 100 GB of Google One storage, while the Unlimited Plus option includes free membership of Amazon Prime.

However, video streaming is limited to 480p resolution on all unlimited plans. Members who use more than 35 GB of data per month may see their download speeds delayed during periods of high network usage. Additionally, you can acquire a free plan with the Metro PCS affordable connectivity program. The $30/month plan is issued free to any eligible individual to the ACP. You need to check the eligibility requirements and see if you qualify for the program.

What optional features does Metro PCS offer to its customers

T-Metro Mobile’s service includes several optional features that range from free to $20 per month. These include:

1) Google one

Each person with a compatible Android device will receive 100 GB of cloud storage within Google Workspace at no additional cost due to the Google One membership included in the Unlimited (5GB hotspot) plan. For an extra $1 per month, subscribers can double their Google One storage or pay $8 per month for 2TB of storage.

ii) Premium Service bundle

It combines the most famous Metro PCS optional features in one package that consists of:

  • McAfee security for Metro PCS device’s protection: Notably, customers can upgrade to McAfee Security with ID Theft Protection for $3 per month. This protection features antivirus/anti-theft protection for ten devices, ID monitoring, and True Key password management.
  • Call forwarding
  • ScamShield Premium, the carrier’s anti-scam call technology
  • Unlimited directory assistance

The cost starts at $9 per month and varies depending on the type of device and your region.

iii) International services

For $5 per month, customers can get unlimited calling to and from Canada and Mexico and up to 5 GB of data roaming. This feature includes unlimited texting within Canada and worldwide texting to nations worldwide.

iv) Security Features

Basic scam block, scam call ID checks, and caller ID are included in every Metro PCS plan. Scam Shield Premium, which costs $2 per month, lets you maintain blocked number lists, send categorized calls to voicemail, receive more information with reverse number look-up, and have voicemails sent to you automatically.

Bottom line

Metro PCS is a prepaid MVNO in the US operating using T-Mobile network towers. Apart from offering a variety of affordable and cheap phone plans, the carrier offers free phones to new customers. You can have one after you switch to the network and acquire a plan, either the $40/month plan or the 460/month plan. The phones will help you save a lot as they are quality Android devices.

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