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Nowadays, it is incredible how cell phones have become part of our daily life. You may be a heavy phone user and get surprised to find you typically use your phone for an average of six hours a day. It seems like having a full-time job for just using your phone. Cell phones have become essential tools for modern life. Despite the fact they are powerful, they do come expensive. The latest and robust smartphone can cost $1000 and more. Additionally, there are costly monthly bills, which can get into the hundred dollars for a household. However, not everyone has enough dollars to spend nor needs the latest device. Sometimes, you want a cell phone that operates. Here are cell phone companies offering cell phone plans with free phones just for you.

Are you searching for a free cell phone? You can get free cell phones from both big and minor carriers. Typically you are required to sign up for one of their monthly plans. Some fantastic free phones that can be offered to you free of charge are the likes of LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and others, depending on availability. The death of cell phone contracts has the impression that the days of a free iPhone are pretty much over. You can get a free iPhone by either paying a monthly installment plan or outright.

Note that receiving a free smartphone doesn’t mean getting a new phone with no strings attached. You will pay $0 upfront and agree to a credit applied during the contract period when you get a free cell phone. Moreover, you will have to stay will the carrier until your phone costs get paid off, or you can pay the extra of your phone balance outright. There is a mandatory requirement of paying some taxes and fees.

Cell Phone Plans With Free Phones – The Companies List

While you can’t get the latest free iPhone when you switch to some wireless providers, they constantly offer deals that can land you get a free new smartphone. You can essentially walk away with a free phone by switching to these carriers on time or upgrading your phone plan at the right time.

The alternate route of getting a free phone is taking advantage of government programs like the Life program and the EBB program. The following are significant carriers that you can get free cell phones.

1) T-Mobile

The carrier offers both Apple iPhone and Android gadgets without paying a single dollar. You can qualify to get the cell phone plans with free phones in the following ways.

  • You can trade-in your old phone, and you will be required to take your phone to the T-Mobile store to check if it is in good condition to merit you a free phone.
  • Sign up or upgrade for T-Mobile unlimited plans.
 cell phone plans with free phones

Following the above steps, you will get offered up to $800 credit for a new Android phone or up to $830 credit off a new Apple iPhone. When it comes to cell phone deals, T-Mobile carries the day. Some best deals on cell phones right now at T-Mobile include

  • Get a free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • Get the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for 50% off
  • You Get the new Motorola g stylus 5G for free when switching to T-Mobile and trade in an eligible device
  • Get up to $300 off the new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max when you switch and trade in an eligible device.

2) Verizon Wireless

If you want a new Android or iPhone, you can get it free from the Verizon network. Usually, you need to follow set steps to ensure you are eligible for free cell phone deals. Here is what you are required to do to get a free smartphone from Verizon.

  • You can trade-in your old device. Take it to the Verizon store to check whether your smartphone is eligible for trade-in. You can get a maximum of $700 off the new Apple iPhone and $800 off the new Samsung phone.
  • Upgrade or sign up to Verizon’s unlimited plan.

The value you get back for your old device applies to cell phone bills over the next twenty-four months, but you won’t own the phone until the end. The good thing is that you will not make any cell payment as the credit will automatically apply.

3) AT&T

AT&T offers free iPhone and free android devices right now. You can follow the steps outlined below to get a new device from AT&T.

  • Sign up or upgrade for AT&T’s unlimited plan
  • You can trade-in your eligible phone. You will need to go to AT&T local store to check the eligibility of your devices.

Following all the steps, you will get $800 worth of credit to get a new Samsung phone or credit worth $700 that will pay for your new iPhone device.

4) MetroPCS

You have a better chance of having a free phone from MetroPCS if you have looking for a chance to get services from Metro PCS by T-Mobile. The provider offers free cell phone deals with No Contracts to its new and existing customers. You can select a free phone when you switch.

The only requirement is to port your number if it hasn’t been on the T-Mobile network. Some of the phone deals on Metro Pcs right now include;

  • free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for 50% off
  • new Motorola g stylus 5G for free when switching to Metro Pcs

You might also have a chance to choose from more devices in Metro in-store. Besides these cell phones being free, you will need to pay a $20 per line activation fee, apart from the phone’s total cost.

5) Assurance Wireless

The company is part of the Lifeline Assistance program. You can take advantage of this plan if you qualify for Lifeline assistance. If you are a customer of Assurance Wireless, you can get a free android phone. This plan will also get unlimited talk and text and 2GB of free data each month.

6) SafeLink Wireless

You can get a free android phone with the provider when you sign up. You qualify for free services from Safelink if you qualify for Lifeline Assistance. The availability of the free plans varies with your location. When you bring your phone rather than getting one from the provider, you will get a 500MB data bonus each month.

7) Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless being a subsidiary of AT&T, you can get prepaid cell phone plans. If you look for a discounting prepaid cell phone plan, it is the best pick carrier. The provider offers Cricket Wireless plans for two phones.

Moreover, you can get the best free government smartphone with this wireless provider. Interestingly, you can get iPhone SE 64GB for free. Activate the new account with the provider and pay for a $60 plan per month for three months to get this phone.

8) Boost Mobile

Boost mobile offers prepaid phone plans attached to the latest smartphones. Switch today to Boost Mobile and get a free phone. The Freephone plan requires you to switch to Boost without changing your number and activating eligible plans.

The best deal is the free Samsung Galaxy A12 that you get upon switching to the provider. However, you must purchase a $35 plan and confirm port-in eligibility to get this deal.

Final Thought

There are many cell phone companies offering cell phone plans with free phones. Some are the leading mobile carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, while others are MVNOs like Boost Mobile.

Qualified customers can get free phones through monthly bill credits when they sign up or activate a new service line. Take advantage of an opportunity to get a free phone, an essential tool without paying a premium price.

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