Proper Guide On Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract

If you want to switch to a no-contract carrier today and feel the freedom, it is effortless. However, the best cell phone deals with no contract allow you to pick the features you want and pay for what you use. Major carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T and smaller MVNOs like Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, and others offer excellent phone deals.

Most importantly, you will need to trade in your device, activate a specific plan, switch carriers, or purchase two phones to acquire the second for free in the best deals on cell phones right now. Besides, 99.9% of the best cell phone deals available majorly focus on new customers, but the existing customers still have the opportunity to save through upgrades.

Moreover, many wireless carriers continually introduce new plans that come with better terms and are cheaper than your current plan. Therefore, you have to ensure you find one of the best cell phone plans for your cellphone. No contract plans are great if you understand how much you consume every month and pay in advance for a specific amount of text, talk, and data.

Types Of Cell Phone Deals No Contract

i) Unlimited Plans

Most no-contract plans pack unlimited talk and text as standard. However, data-hungry consumers searching for unlimited plans can save serious money by switching to an MVNO alternative.

ii) Basic Plans

If you only use a cell phone to contact a few calls, send several messages, and rarely go online, you can settle for a prepaid plan. However, you will have the primary cell phone functions, with minutes of talk allowance and some amount of data allotment. If you run out of any service, it’s easy to top up on more.

iii) Family Plans

If you’re used to a plan offering you four lines or more, most MVNOs also provide group plans. You can compare the no-contract provider who has the cheapest family phone plans.

iv) Bring Your Own Device Plans

If you want to switch to a no-contract carrier, the BYOD plans are familiar with smaller carriers. You can compare cell phone prices and select an excellent deal to go with your desirable cell phone plan.

v) Single Line Plans

You don’t have to sacrifice a premium rate for a single line. However, people transferring from a multiline plan consider it cheaper to switch to one-line plans from an MVNO. You can find the best phone plans for individuals.

vi) Talk & Text Only Plans

If you are looking for a basic phone plan and don’t require any data, these plans are ideal. You can compare different talk and text plans and save a lot of cash by opting out of data.

vii) Kids Plans

Some no-contract MVNOs provide the best phone plans for kids. You can customize the plan to feature precisely what your child wants to have.

Providers Of Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract

1) Verizon

Verizon is the best carrier offering a no-contract option for coverage. The 15GB for $45 per month plan currently gives a much more significant amount of data, 15GB every month.  However, the $45 price reflects a $5 autopay discount, but Verizon’s prepaid discounts are diverse.

Interestingly, if you stick to your Verizon prepaid plan for three months, you’ll save another $5. After nine months, Verizon takes off an additional $5. Thus, after ten months, you’re paying $35 per month for the same 15GB of data that previously cost $45. Apart from the data benefits and pricing, Verizon is also the carrier with the best speeds and coverage.

2) T-Mobile

T-Mobile gives a low-cost plan from a major network. The Connect plan offers you 2.5GB of data every month for just $15, which increases over the previous amount of 2GB. If you need more data packages, you can upgrade to the 5.5GB T-Mobile Connect plan for $25 per month. The significant limitation is that you’re out of data for the remaining billing cycle once you finish up your allotment.

On the contrary, many rival plans slow your speeds when you exhaust your monthly limit. But with T-Mobile, your data pool gets increasing over time. T-Mobile promises to add 500MB every year for five years while holding that $15 price the same.

3) Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile delivers wireless services to its customer by using the T-Mobile network, which covers 62% of the coverage of the US. Most importantly, the  4 GB for $15 per month deal is applicable for the first three months, and after that period ends, Mint Mobile will want you to pay for a whole year to continue onto the $15/month price.

However, Mint Mobile has sporadically become one of the best carriers for users on a budget. While 4GB isn’t a significant amount, Mint’s cheapest cell phone deal will be ideal if you’re mainly using your phone for light social media, internet searches, and less data-intensive apps.

4) US Mobile

US Mobile is among the best prepaid wireless providers available today that enable you to customize your own plan. This means you will only pay for as many talks, texts, and data as you want. Prepaid wireless plans from US Mobile are suitable for light users, kids, and anyone else who won’t be utilizing a lot of data daily.

For instance, the unlimited talk and 1,000 texts would give you back just $12 per month, and if you wish to go unlimited, it’s still cost just $40 per month. You also receive 10GB of 4G roaming data in most countries, not only Mexico and Canada. If you’re adding more lines to a plan, you can also enjoy free extras like Disney+ and Netflix.

5) Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is an affordable option if your needs are modest, especially when you mainly require a phone for talking and texting. The most basic talk/text plan features unlimited calls and text messaging for only $15 per month. However, if you want to top up some data to your talk and text plan, you can include the 4G LTE for $5 per 1GB, a total of $20 per month for unlimited text, talk, and 1GB of 4G data.

On the other hand, you receive two months free if you pay upfront for a yearly “My Choice” plan. For instance, a $15 per month talk plus text plan is $150 per year, a $20 per month plan is $200 per year, and a $25 per month plan with 2GB of data costs $250 for the year.

6) Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is owned by AT&T and is known for newer offerings that pack more features. Besides, it still provides reliable service and coverage. The best no-contract $35 per-month tier for 10GB of 4G LTE data costs $40 if you don’t sign up for auto-pay. This feature makes more sense, and at least Cricket’s prices do include taxes.

Additionally, you have to spend $55 a month to make free calls to Mexico and Canada. Unfortunately, you will have no Wi-Fi hotspot or 5G network access if you don’t pay $60 per month for the top tier, which features 15GB of hotspot data.

7) Visible Wireless

Visible was a favorite rural provider until Mint launched its unlimited plan. However, it’s still a fair deal if you prefer Verizon’s coverage, which is promising in remote or rural areas. Visible is compatible with 5G if Verizon supports it in your area. On the downside, 5G coverage is still limited outside certain major cities, plus your 5G data get capped at 200 Mbps.

Moreover, the unlimited plan costs $40 per month for one line, comprising taxes and fees, with unlimited text, talk, and data. Interestingly, your first month goes for only $25 per line, and after you pay for your third-month Visible rewards you with a $50 gift card.

You have mobile Wi-Fi hotspot data featured, a rare feature from base plans among the three major carriers AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The hotspots are limited to 5 Mbps and support only one connected device at a time. Video streaming is limited to 480p resolution.

8) Ting Mobile

Ting is a suitable choice if you hardly use any data. However, all plans feature 5G network access, unlimited talk and text, and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Besides, the $10 plan doesn’t have any data, and you pay $5 per GB of data you use. You have the essential features of fast network access and unlimited talk and text without the high price of paying for data you won’t consume.

On the other hand, the $25 plan features 5GB of data, all of which you can utilize over a hotspot, but the $35 plan enables you to use only 8GB of its 12 GB allotment over a hotspot. Interestingly, all are solid deals but get outshined by the stiff competition from other carriers.

Final Thought

No contract cell phone deals help you avoid unpleasant surprise bills at the end of the month. By switching to a no-contract provider, you’re creating yourself a ton of freedom. You will have the liberty to switch anytime you want, freedom from contracts, and you’ll enjoy financial freedom.

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