The Best Buy One Get One Free Phone Deals

What if you get a new phone and have another one free as a gift of buying the first one for your favorite person? Yes, you heard it right! With Buy One Get One free phone deals, you can gift a new smartphone to your friend or relative while having one for your cellular usage. If you plan to pick up more than one, you are fortunate! With most wireless providers’ BOGO deals, you can purchase two phones for the cost of one. This article will find out who has the best buy one get one free phone deals and other facets.

Most carriers offering BOGO deals need you to enroll in one of their particular services like an unlimited plan. You can also receive other incredible offers when you trade in old devices or bring your own phone. Amusingly, other cellular companies offer you a free iPhone when you switch to their network. If you need to win good deals on a reputable brand of smartphones, these companies are the best way to go.

Buy one, get one free is an excellent deal. What more can you ask for when you receive this offer on your best smartphone! BOGO deals on iPhone devices are an excellent way to get more for your buck. Phone companies endeavor to offer their new and existing customers the best value by offering exclusive deals on their favorite phones. Explore their online store to know more about these deals. 

Buy one get one (BOGO) free promotion

A BOGO is one of the sales promotions by phone companies that offer new and existing customers a phone for free or at a reduced price when they purchase another similar item at the total cost. This deal gives special pricing if you purchase two devices at once under a particular arrangement with the phone company.

It is one of the best deals on cell phones right now by most companies like T-Mobile. It’s essential to know what you’re committing to before you opt to buy one, get one free phone deal. With most Buy One Get One offers, some requirements come with the offers, including:

  • You must purchase both phones in monthly installments or leasing. There are at no time BOGO offers for outright smartphone purchases. 
  • At minimum one line needs to be new to the wireless provider (you don’t qualify for a Buy One Get One deal if both lines are already linked to an account with the carrier). 
  • You need to sign up for an eligible plan. This is not permanently the case, but occasionally the BOGO deals need that you sign up for a particular unlimited plan. 
  • The discount can get maintained if the phone you are acquiring remains on a qualifying plan for the entire cycle. On the other hand, the device you’re purchasing must stay on an eligible plan for not less than six months.

Most essentially, BOGO special deals and promotions are subject to change at any time and are available while supplies last. Understanding the promo’s eligibility rules is recommended for more details on the best cell phone deals and best deals on cell phone plans. Before you join into a buy one, get one free phone promotion, you need to know what you’re boarding into.

Is a free phone from the BOGO deal free

buy one get one free phone deals

Phone companies have some kind of promotions that includes two smartphones. The first one you pay for on a monthly payment phone plan, and the second one you receive for free when you add a new line of service to your carrier account.

Of course, the additional line comes with its own set of extra costs. You must pay more each month for the service on that line, which you are expected of.

The deal here is that instead of being required to stay on a qualifying price plan for the term of credits for a single line, you are required to stay on that plan for two lines, thus increasing your monthly spending. Therefore, know that your “free” phone isn’t usually free immediately.

Best Ways To Get Buy One Get One Free Phone Deals

The following are the companies currently giving buy one get one free phones deals to their new and existing customers. However, no carriers are currently offering BOGO deals on LG phones but keep on checking on the phone companies below websites because an LG BOGO deal can emerge anytime.

i) T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the largest wireless providers in the United States. Its sporadic growth is a result of the fantastic phone deals it offers to its new and existing customers. You should note that the carrier is now offering a buy one get one free deal and many other incredible cell phone deals.

Right now, you can choose the following T-Mobile BOGO deals on the most renowned phone brands;

 BOGO up to $700 off the iPhone 13 models

Grab the latest hi-tech Apple product through the carrier with a BOGO made for two phones! Buy two iPhone 13 phones (including the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone Mini models) and receive up to $700 back when you purchase them on monthly payments.

To qualify, you are required to add at least a single newline to your account on an eligible phone plan. Note that your discount will be applied to your smartphone bill over twenty-four months.

Get an iPhone 12 mini for FREE

Apple’s iPhone 12 is an implausible phone, and now it’s even affordable with the release of the iPhone 13 models to the market. You can receive two iPhone 12s through the carrier and save $800 on one of the phones, implying that you can receive an iPhone 12 mini for absolutely FREE!

Note that at least one device must be a new line to your account, and you have to purchase the phones on monthly payments. Subsequently, you will get a discount on your phone bill over thirty months.

BOGO up to $800 off Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Grab two new Samsung Galaxy S21 for the cost of one! Buy two of the latest Galaxy models through T-Mobile and receive up to $800, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (128GB)! You are required to purchase the smartphones on monthly payments and activate at least a single newline to an eligible T-Mobile phone plan to qualify. Subsequently, your discount will be applied to your phone bill over twenty-four months.

Get a FREE Galaxy S21 FE 5G

You can get Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G for FREE when you buy two through T-Mobile. Activate at least a single new service line to a qualifying phone plan and buy your new smartphones on monthly payments. Then you will receive $800 back in bill credits, which equals a free Galaxy S21 FE!

BOGO up to $800 off the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Get this deal when you purchase two new Galaxy Z Flip3 devices. Add at least one smartphone as a new line to a qualifying phone plan, and receive up to $800 back on a second phone when you buy the phones on monthly payments. The discount will be applied to your cellular bill over twenty-four months.

ii) Verizon

Verizon is the largest wireless network operator and carrier in the United States. Verizon is also the carrier with the most cell phone coverage in the country is so popular that it offers tons of special deals on home internet, accessories, and cell phones.

In addition to many high-quality Android smartphones, Verizon also often offers special deals on iPhones. You can choose the following buy one get one free phone deals from the carrier:

$2,000 off the iPhone 13 series

You can save up to $2,000 on a new iPhone 13 with Verizon’s amazing BOGO deal. Purchase two smartphones and get up to $1,000 back in monthly bill credits. This works out to FREE iPhone 13 models when you buy your phones through monthly installments and activate them on any Verizon unlimited plan. 

And when you switch to the carrier and activate at least one new line, you will receive a virtual MasterCard worth up to another $1,000 totaling to $2,000 back. Therefore, making both of your smartphones completely free!

BOGO up to $2,000 off the Galaxy S21 models

 Purchase any two Galaxy S21 series 5G phones and save up to $1,000. However, at least one of the devices must be added as a new line on a qualifying unlimited plan to be eligible, and you are required to purchase the phones on monthly payments.

And if you’re a new subscriber to Verizon, you’ll receive another $1,000 back on a virtual MasterCard for switching to their network, thus bringing your total discount to $2,000!

BOGO up to $2,000 off the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

You can get Galaxy Z Fold3 for the price of one. Purchase two phones on monthly payments, add one of them as a new line to a qualifying Verizon unlimited plan, and receive up to $1,000 back. Do you want to switch to Verizon? You receive an additional $1,000 on a virtual prepaid MasterCard for being a new subscriber, thus $2,000 back. Those are two Z Fold3 5G phones for the price of one!

FREE Google Pixel 6 with BOGO

Buy two Pixel 6 or 6 Pro phones on monthly payments and sign up for an eligible Verizon unlimited plan. Once you activate an unlimited qualifying plan, you will receive up to $900 back in bill credits over twenty-four months which equals a free Pixel 6! And for a short time, you will receive another $1,000 back on a prepaid MasterCard card for every line you switch.

BOGO up to $1,800 off the 5G-ready Motorola Edge+

Purchase the two phones and save $800 on the second phone. And if you’re a new Verizon subscriber, you receive another $1,000 on a virtual MasterCard when you switch to their network! To qualify, purchase your device on monthly payments and activate at least one of the phones as a new line of service. In addition, you are required to ensure you are on an eligible Verizon unlimited plan to get this BOGO deal. 

iii) Sprint

Below is all the latest Sprint offer buy one get one free phone deals, so you can get the best deal on a pair of new phones. Choose from the most reputable brands like Samsung or Apple, and don’t pay for a second phone when you don’t need to! Start today by selecting the device you want below and see what Sprint’s offering!

  • Buy an iPhone 13 series device or iPhone 12 series phone and receive up to $700 off a second one when you activate a new service line
  • Buy Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and get one FREE when you trade in an eligible device.
  • Receive Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm free through 24 monthly bill credits when you buy on installment billing and activate a line on a qualifying plan to be used with the watch. 

vi) AT&T

The carrier has to buy one phone get one free smartphone deal. We all like free stuff; grab yours. Are you looking for a fantastic deal on your next cellphone? Alright, you’re in luck. AT&T has numerous “Buy One Get One Free” deals, and it is advisable to check their website for regular BOGO deals. Right now, AT&T does not have any BOGO deals.

Bottom line

Buy one get one free is an incredible deal offered by most carriers that can help you save some money if you purchase a new phone. Imagine how great it is to land on this offer when purchasing your favorite smartphone.

BOGO deals on iPhone and Android phones are excellent to receive more value for less. It would help if you grab these offers as soon you spot them as they are limited-time offers. Sometimes, a carrier can go a long time without any BOGO deals.