The Best BT Phone Deals for Existing Customers 2023

BT Mobile (British Telcom) is a mobile virtual network operator that delivers its services over the EE network. The company is one of the UK’s largest broadband and television service providers. Still, it also operates a mobile network with phones, SIM cards, and other services –with other bt phone deals for existing customers who are already signed up for BT broadband.

British Telecom is one of the most important and well-known companies in the United Kingdom. BT is the parent business of various brands, including EE and Plusnet, and delivers broadband, wireless broadband wifi hotspots across the country, and broadband and TV options through BT Sport. It also has deals on cell phones.

Apart from the services provided by British Telcom company, we will look at some of the primary qualities of British Telcom Mobile in this article. We examine the firm’s mobile phone deals, plans, some advantages of switching to the company, and the best BT Mobile phone deals available for existing users.

Who is BT Mobile

British Telcom first entered the mobile phone market in the 1980s with its Cellnet brand, renamed BT Cellnet in 1999. It became O2 a few years later before being purchased by Spanish telecoms company Telefonica. The company returned to the mobile market in 2015 as an MVNO with the launch of BT Mobile, running on the EE network. EE is one of four wireless network operators in the UK, Three, O2, and Vodafone.

The company runs separately from EE with its own distinct tariffs, Sim-only deals, offers, and customer service. BT differentiates from EE in two ways; firstly, a variety of sim-only family plans and discounts for existing BT broadband customers.

The Benefits of Choosing BT Mobile

As with all mobile carriers, there are characteristics of BT Mobile that make it what it is. Some of the advantages that you will get from this company include;

i) Nationwide Coverage

The company offers a small range of different SIM-only plans and handset contracts to choose from. Since the company is run on EE’s network, you can expect solid coverage throughout the UK. The company offers 4G and 5G support to almost 99% of the UK landmass.

ii) Discount for BT Broadband Customers

If you have BT broadband at home, you are qualified for a £5 discount on Mobile phone plans, including handset and SIM-only deals. It’s not just the account holder who is eligible for the discount; everyone in the household can benefit. If a SIM plan costs £20 a month for non-BT broadband customers, it would cost £15 a month for the company’s broadband customers.

iii) Free BT Sport

Sports lovers can rejoice as my BT mobile phone customers enjoy live Aviva Premiership and Premier League coverage with free access to the BT Sport app. BT Mobile customers can get this perk on specific SIM-only or handset plans. Additionally, SIM buyers can obtain the BT Sport app by signing up for a plan starting at £20 a month. Those on a handset contract can claim BT Sport as part of packages worth £16 a month and above.

iii) Flexible Plans

When you purchase a plan, only the data will vary. Calls and texts are unlimited. In certain instances, BT Mobile also allows the flexibility of moving up and down on plans. This means that you can have it when you need extra data and when you need to save money.

Iv) Family SIM deals

The company provides Family SIM plans, offers a discount for each extra SIM you add, and provides you the option to add or remove SIMs each month to suit your family’s needs. With Family SIM plans and SIM-only, you can cancel at any point in the first 30 days if you are not satisfied and get a full refund for everything included in your plan.

BT Mobile Phone Deals

The company offers a few helpful online options for customers looking for the right deal. From handset contracts to SIM-only deals, loyal BT customers are most likely to benefit from the BT Mobile experience. The company’s broadband customers get a £5 discount on plans, while BT Halo patrons can unlock unlimited data. Sports lovers can also get BT Sport with specific plans. Below are some of the phone deals you can opt for when you join the carrier;

1) BT SIM-only deals

The cost of a BT SIM deal is based on your data allowance, as all BT’s SIM-only plans offer unlimited calls and texts. 4G and 5G data limits range from an allowance of 4GB up to 100 GB. BT broadband customers with Halo can gain access to an unlimited package or double their data. They can also get £5 off of their monthly bill.

The company currently offers three SIM-only plans, each a 12-month contract, with tons of extras like BT Sport. The following are some of the plans you will get;

2) BT Mobile 15GB Plan

You will get 15GB of data, unlimited talk time, and text. The plan is best for anyone who uses their Mobile, particularly if you want to stream video and music over 4G. Includes BT Sport app free.

3) BT Mobile 6GB Plan

offers you unlimited texts, calls, and 6GB of data. It’s an excellent middle-ground plan for those who like to browse a lot and occasionally stream music and video on the go. Includes BT Sport app free.

4) BT Mobile 3GB Plan

The plan offers unlimited text and talk and 3GB of data. This is enough for mobile internet users who like browsing

5) BT Mobile 500MB Plan

The plan offers unlimited texts and calls and 500MB of data. A good choice for casual phone users, who typically stick to wifi and use 3G or 4G for emails, texts, and instant messaging.

6) BT Mobile Pays Monthly Handset Plans

British Telcom now offers a range of handsets on pay monthly contracts. These give you a new phone for the reduced upfront cost, which you then pay off throughout your mobile contract. Devices available include flagship uber-phones like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the excellent Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, and Sony X. There are also more modestly-priced handsets like the Samsung Galaxy A3 iPhone SE and Sony M4 Aqua.

Once you’ve picked your phone, you’ll have to choose between four plans:

  • 400 minutes inclusive of calls, unlimited texts, and 500GB of data a month. A low-cost option will suit those who only use mobile internet to check email or social media.
  • 1,000 minutes of call unlimited texts, and 3GB of data a month. An excellent all-around plan that will suit most casual users.
  • There are unlimited calls, texts, 6GB of data, and a free BT Sport app. Another good all-rounder plan, but for those who want a little additional data.
  • There are unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and a hefty 15GB of data, plus a free BT Sport app. If you are a hefty internet user who likes 4G video streaming or online gaming, this is the one to get.

7) Data-only SIM Deals

If you’re searching for a SIM for your tablet, it is better to get more data than minutes and text you will not use. The company has a range of data-only plans for precisely this purpose.

The Best BT phone deals for existing customers

BT mobile phone deals for existing customers come with a 24-month contract plus zero upfront cost. BT Mobile has excellent savings for existing broadband customers who receive £5 off mobile phone deals. The company provides the broadest available 4G network in the UK to its customers, including a wide range of phones, handsets, and family SIM deals. The phones are available online or in their stores. The following are some of the best phone deals for existing customers at BT;

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB Cloud Navy

  • Pay Monthly 3GB to get Free EU Roaming at £42 per month
  • 3GB monthly data
  • Unlimited talk and texts

2. Apple iPhone 11 64GB Black

  • Pay Monthly 3GB with Free EU Roaming at £39.0 per month
  • 3GB data
  • unlimited minutes and texts

3. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB Cloud Navy

  • Purchase 100GB monthly with Free EU Roaming at only £49.00 per month
  • Unlimited talk time and texts

4. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB Cloud Lavender

With only £42.00 per month, you will get 3GB monthly. The plan offers;

  • Free EU Roaming
  • 3GB data
  • Unlimited talk and texts

5. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB Cloud Navy

The deal is available at £45.00 per month and provides;

  • 5GB of mobile data per month
  • Free EU Roaming
  • Unlimited minutes and texts

6. Apple iPhone SE (2020) 64GB RED

With only £33.00 per month, you will get;

  • Free EU Roaming
  • 15GB mobile data
  • unlimited talk and texts

Bottom Line

BT Mobile is one of the UK’s largest and most successful telecommunication companies that uses the network of EE, meaning that its network can offer its customers coverage of up to 97% of UK geography. The company provides the latest high-tech mobile phones from Samsung to iPhone devices, SIM deals, whooping discounts for BT broadband customers, significant signals, and vouchers for major UK brands with certain purchases.