The Best Boost Mobile Phone Deals For Existing Customers

Boost Mobile is an American popular wireless provider. It offers one of the best values in wireless, with no annual service contract. All Boost Mobile plans include unlimited data, talk, and text. Moreover, they offer their client the latest phones from top brands at affordable prices. In addition, they have a wide selection of phone deals for new and existing customers on their website. However, this article will cover boosting mobile phone deals for existing customers and other facets.

If you want to switch to a carrier with cell phone deals no contract in the United States, Boost Mobile is one of the best choices for you. It has a wide selection of high-end and affordable smartphones available online and offers many deals on phones and plans. Since the Sprint and T-Mobile merger, one significant change for the best Boost Mobile deals has resulted as they now offer more.

The good thing is that Boost Mobile will be around for a while. The article recommends this carrier to you, and it is the best time to sign up. Once you sign up and become an existing customer, you can get plenty of robust phone deals this month. Are you ready to know what these deals are? Let’s dig in

Reasons to switch to Boost Mobile and become its existing customer

The following are reasons why you should switch to the MVNO;

  • Boost Mobile is a contract-free carrier.
  • They offer 99% nationwide coverage.
  • The Boost Mobile offers a wide selection of the latest phones from top brands at relatively affordable prices.
  • They offer unlimited data, talk, and text.
  • Their plans also come with a mobile hotspot.
  • Their plans also include unlimited music streaming without data charges.

On top of the above, they regularly offer the best deals on cell phone plans and Boost perks. You get instant access to exclusive rewards by downloading the Boost® Perks app as a Boost Mobile member.

The best Boost phone deals

Boost Mobile offers a wide selection of phones online, from premium to flagship models. Here are the best deals on cell phones right now at Boost.

i) Samsung Galaxy A13- Get $150 off.

The phone retails typically at $249, but Boost Mobile customers can get it at only $99, thus saving $150. Galaxy A13 5G packs excellent features into one less costly 5G phone on the market. What does that imply to you?

Faster downloading and streaming are virtually lag-free on an expansive and smooth display. You can do incredible video shooting and photos with a high-resolution triple camera. Additionally, the phone enhanced storage with room for all your favorite memories. 

ii) Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G- Get $300 off.

As Boost Mobile, you can get this phone at only $399 thus, saving $300 on your phone bill. Move your everyday experiences to the next level with the device designed to fuel every individual’s passion.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G is well-packed with features that aid you get more out of whatever you’re into. They include an all-day intelligent battery, a robust processor, a smooth and robust display, a triple-lens camera, and more. 

iii) Buy TCL 20 XE at only $59

The phone usually retails at $119, but Boost offers it to its existing customers at only $59, thus saving $60. Enjoy a bright cinematic experience on the go with the phone, featuring an expansive 6.52” V-Notch display driven by NXTVISION® technology. A massive 5000mAh battery lets you go all day and charge up quickly with USB-C 18W Fast Charging.

iv) Save $70 on Motorola Moto G power.

Usually, the phone retails at $169, but Boost existing customers can get it online at only $99, thus saving $70. Moto G Power lets you do more without stopping to recharge with up to three-day battery life.

Tell your story more creatively with a 50 MP camera featuring Dual Capture. Take professional-looking portraits, extreme close-ups, and photos and videos that simultaneously capture both the action and your reaction.

v) Celero 5G- Get $140 off.

Buy the phone for only $139 online. You can also get a free phone case with every Celero5G purchase. The phone has a robust design with quad cameras, long-lasting power, and unstoppable 5G performance. Essentially, smartphone packs all you need to succeed.

Others deals include

  • Get $100 off Samsung Galaxy S10 renewed
  • Buy Apple iPhone XS at only $799, thus saving $100
  • Get $50 off LG Stylo 6 renewed
  • Save up to $70 on Samsung Galaxy A21 renewed

Boost Mobile does not offer a free iPhone when you switch to their network for new customers but instead offers you tremendous discounts on the phones. Some new customer-only mobile deals include:

  • Get $70 off Samsung Galaxy A02s 
  • Save up to $70 on Motorola Moto G pure
  • Get $180 off Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
  • Get $130 off Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • Save up to $200 on Apple iPhone SE

Boost Mobile phone Plans

Boost Mobile is known for offering numerous cost-efficient plans. Their standard plans include:

i) A 35 GB 4G LTE plan

 It includes 35 GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited data at lower speeds, unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 12 GB of mobile hotspot. It costs $50 a month for a single line, $80 for two lines, $110 for three lines, $140 for four lines, and $170 for five lines.

ii) The upgraded 35 GB 4G LTE plan

 It comes with 35 GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited data at lower speeds, unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 30 GB of mobile hotspot. It costs $60 a month for a single line, $100 for two lines, $140 for three lines, $180 for four lines, and $220 for five lines.

iii) A 3 GB 4G LTE plan

 It includes 3 GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited data at lower speeds, unlimited talk and text, and a mobile hotspot. It costs $35 a month for one line, $60 for two lines, $90 for three lines, $120 for four lines, and $150 for five lines.

iv) The Walmart Customer Exclusive 6 GB 4G LTE plan

 It includes 6 GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited data at lower speeds, unlimited talk and text, and a mobile hotspot. This is the. It costs $35 per month for one line, $60 for two lines, $90 for three lines, $120 for four lines, and $150 for five lines.

Does Boost Mobile Offer a Government Lifeline Program

Boost Mobile participates in a Government Life program. If you get a chance to use the Lifeline discount on any of the Boost Mobile plans will get the following benefits:

  • Monthly flat rate service discount of up to $14.85
  • Option to choose among any of Boost Mobile’s plans, which all include unlimited talk & text
  • A chance to bring your existing phone or purchase any of discounted Boost Mobile devices
  • Exclusive perks
  • Special deals
  • Giveaways & Sweepstakes

Can I Get a Free Phone Under Boost Mobile Lifeline? The Lifeline eligibility doesn’t offer you a free phone at Boost Mobile. However, Boost Mobile may offer a special deal to all new customers, including a free device. As such, make sure to check out their official website for the latest deals.

Best Way To Activate a Boost Mobile cell phone

  • Visit the official Boost Mobile website. 
  • Locate the ‘Activate’ button in the top-right corner. Click it.
  • On the next page, you will need to select an appropriate option. From the drop-down menu (‘Make a Selection’), you will get to choose between ‘New Customer,’ ‘Existing Customer,’ ‘Check Activation Status,’ and ‘Check Family Plan Activation Status.’
  •  After choosing the ‘Existing Customer’ option, you will get to click either ‘Activate New Device’ or ‘Use My Own Device with Boost Mobile SIM.’ Select the option that is true for your case.
  • After that, you will be asked whether you want a new number or you want to port your existing number. Select the option you prefer.
  •  If you choose the ‘New Number’ option, you will also be asked if you want to add any additional lines. In case you want to port your existing number, you will need to enter that number and your ZIP code after selecting the ‘Port Existing Number’ option.
  • Then click the continue button and complete the activation process.

Bottom line

As you have seen from the article, Boost Mobile is one of the most popular wireless providers offering the best phone deals to its customers. The Boost mobile offers specific phone deals for existing customers, which you can grab and save up to $300 on your phone bill.

You need to purchase the phones online from their website to get the deals. However, these deals are limited in time, and you should frequently check the Boost Mobile website for new deals.

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