Best Ways To Get Boost Mobile Free Phones When You Switch

Boost Mobile is a wireless services provider in the United States that operate as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Being an MVNO, the carrier does not have a physical branch; hence it relies on T-Mobile’s network towers to offer services to its customers. It offers various cell phone plans that are affordable and quality phone deals that have attracted many customers. This article explains how you can get Boost Mobile free phones when you switch to the network.

Boost Mobile uses T-Mobile’s GSM network for operation. Formerly, the carrier relied on Sprint’s network, which used CDMA technology. However, in 2020, Sprint merged with T-Mobile, and hence Boost Mobile changed its network. To enjoy Boost Mobile services, you require a phone compatible with the carrier’s network. You can also decide to purchase a new phone. It is advisable to consider checking the excellent phones sold by the carrier. Notably, these devices are automatically compatible with Boost Mobile.

The phones offered are high quality and affordable as they have discounted prices. To get the Boost Mobile free phones, you have to switch from your current provider and join Boost. The procedure of joining is straightforward, as also explained below. You will enjoy a more reliable network as the parent provider is T-Mobile. Let’s know more about Boost Mobile and how you can switch to the network and get the carrier’s free phones after switching.

Require Things to know before you switch to Boost Mobile

i) The carrier has reliable network coverage

As it uses T-Mobile’s network, Boost Mobile’s customers get the same 4G LTE and 5G network as T-Mobile’s coverage. Notably, T-Mobile is among the major network providers in the US and has covered 99% of the country’s landmass. Therefore, no need to worry about coverage if you wish to switch.

ii) It offers affordable and cheap cell phone plans

It is worth joining Boost Mobile as you can save on your monthly bills related to phone plans. The carrier has excellent monthly plans, among the best phone plans for new customers. You can add five lines with these plans. They are:

  • 15/month plan, with 2GB of high-speed data, unlimited talk, text, and a mobile hotspot for new customers joining their current phones.
  • $25/month plan with 5GB of 4G and 5G mobile data. With this plan, you will also get a mobile hotspot with unlimited talk and text. The plan is mainly meant for new customers joining the network with their own phones.
  • The $35/month plan with 10GB of high-speed mobile data, unlimited talk and text, and a mobile hotspot. With this plan, you can double your data for an extra $10 each month.
  • $50/month plan, an unlimited data plan with 35GB of high-speed data. It also includes 12GB of hotspot data, and unlimited talk, and text. This can be a good Boost Mobile home internet plan.
  • $60/month plan, also an unlimited data plan with 35GB of high-speed data. The plan also includes 30GB of hotspot data and unlimited talk and text. You can add another line for an extra $40.

iii) It offers non-contract services

Boost Mobile requires no commitment when acquiring its services, particularly phone plans. This means that you are not tied to their services, and you can change or modify a plan any time you want. Hence, the carrier allows dissatisfied customers to quit at a given time without an early termination fee.

iv) Boost Mobile offers a wide range of discounted phones

Apart from free phones, the carrier offers various brands and models of phones with discounted prices when you switch. These deals also apply to existing customers. Some of these deals are Samsung Galaxy A12 sold at $69.99, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G sold with a high discount of $250 for $199.99, Samsung Galaxy A03s sold for $59.99, Motorola G Pure sold for $59.99, Apple iPhone 11 sold from as low as $349.99, Apple iPhone 12 sold from as low as $629.99.

v) Boost Mobile offers excellent international services

With Boost Mobile, you can make calls and send texts internationally while in the United States. The international plans that avail this include:

  • $5 per month additional plan where you get unlimited mobile and landline calls and unlimited texts to Canada, Mexico, and other 200+ international countries. You also get up to 8GB of data roaming in Mexico.
  • $20 monthly additional plan with unlimited talk to Canada and Mexico, unlimited landline calling to over 70 countries, and unlimited texting to over 200 destinations.

vi) The carrier has quality add-on options.

Some of the additional add-ons offered are:

  • Secure WiFi: Protect your phone for $2 per month when connected to WiFi.
  • Boost Shield: Protect your phone from loss, theft, or damage for $7 per month.
  • With Privacy Premium, you can protect any sensitive information on your phone for an additional $5.99 each month.
  • K Health: Get telemedicine on your phone for $7.99 per month.
  • HD BuyUp: You may add HD streaming to your subscription for $10 per month.

The flexible ways to get Boost Mobile free phones when you switch

It is essential to know how to switch to Boost Mobile’s network to enjoy its plans and deals, including the free phones. You can bring your own phone, which new customers mainly prefer as the carrier has the BYOP program, or purchase a new one. The procedure is very straightforward, especially if you are joining with your current device, as explained below:

1) Confirm eligibility

You must ensure that your phone is compatible with Boost Mobile’s GSM network. Visit the Boost Mobile website, enter your phone’s IMEI number at the IMEI checker, and click ‘continue ‘to confirm compatibility. The phone should also be unlocked; hence it should not be tied to the previous provider. You can contact your former provider and request them to unlock your phone if it is still locked.

2) Get a Boost Mobile SIM card

You can order the SIM card kit from the carrier’s online store or buy one from a nearby Boost Mobile store or Walmart.

3) Choose a plan

After acquiring the SIM card, please insert it into your phone and select a plan. Pick a plan that suits you best among the ones explained above.

4) Activate your phone

To activate your device:

  • Go to boost mobile shop activate to get started.
  • Choose “activating as a new customer.”
  • After that, choose “use my own device with boost mobile SIM.”
  • However, if you have a new device, choose “activate a new device.”
  • Select “new number” after that.
  • You can also port your current phone number to Boost Mobile. Choose “port existing number” for this case.
  • If you choose a new number, input your phone’s MEID or IMEI number and your new SIM number, and activate your phone.
  • If you opt to “port an existing number,” input the phone number and ZIP code, then follow the guidelines.

List of Boost Mobile free phones when you switch

There is no set requirement to get a free Boost Mobile phone. You only need to switch and get the available limited-offer free phones from the carrier. After switching, you need to make an eligible port and activate eligible Boost Mobile plans. These special deals are aimed at attracting more customers to the network.

These phones are mainly Android devices with offers going up to June 2022 and are available while supply lasts. The phones are:

  • Motorola Moto E
  • Alcatel OneTouch Elevate
  • LG Tribute
  • LG Tribute 2
  • LG K51
  • ZTE Speed

Other phones are not entirely free but are under limited-time offers, like the Apple iPhone SE. Join Boost Mobile and acquire any of these discounted phones from different brands according to your taste.

Can you get Boost Mobile discounted lifeline phones

Boost Mobile participates in the Lifeline program, but it only benefits California citizens through the California Lifeline program. If you qualify for this program, you can provide Boost Mobile with your approval and then enjoy the monthly reduction on your bill. However, the carrier has the Boost Mobile Affordable Connectivity Program, where eligible households benefits.

The eligible households get a free Boost Mobile unlimited 10GB phone plan, 10GB tablet plan, or the mobile hotspot plan valued at $30/month. The qualified households on Tribal lands get a free Boost Mobile 35GB phone plan valued at $60/month or a tablet plan. You must ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and benefit from this program.

Bottom line

Boost Mobile is a well-known MVNO operating using T-Mobile’s network in the US. The carrier offers excellent deals when switching from low-cost plans to discounted and high-quality phones so that new consumers can enjoy such deals. When you switch to Boost mobile, you can keep your current phone number. You can also acquire a free phone after switching, as outlined in this article, by taking advantage of Boost Mobile’s limited-time deals.

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